North American League 2021 Season Finals with four great teams begin

Rainbow Six Siege's tournaments continue at full speed. Just like the European League 2021, the finals of the North American League 2021 are in December.

The event, which will start in the early hours of December 12, will conclude with the grand final on December 13. Spacestation Gaming, Oxygen Esports, Soniqs or DarkZero Esports will be the winner of the season. Who do you think will be the champion?

North American League 2021 Season Finals matches

Spacestation Gaming - DarkZero Esports (December 12 - 00:30 CET)
Oxygen Esports - Soniqs (December 12 - 03:30 CET)

Let's take a quick look at the matches. The first match to be played is between Spacestation Gaming and DarkZero Esports. Spacestation Gaming has been performing quite successfully lately. They have won both Stage 2 and Stage 3 in the North American League this season. They also reached the quarterfinals at the Six Mexico Major 2021.

On the other hand, looking at DarkZero Esports, they did the same at the Six Mexico Major 2021 and made it to the quarterfinals. However, they certainly did not do as well as Spacestation Gaming in the North America League 2021 season. There may be surprises in the match, which is expected to be led by Spacestation Gaming.

The other match is between Oxygen Esports and Soniqs. Oxygen Esports' greatest recent achievements have been their Stage 1 first place and Stage 3 runner-up in the North American League 2021 season. Soniqs placed second in Stage 1.

They placed third in Stage 2 and Stage 3. When we look at it, the performance of both teams seems very close recently. We can say that Oxygen Esports is one step ahead.

Additionally, XSET and Parabellum Esports will play a relegation match on December 13 at 03:30 CET.

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Rainbow Six Siege tournaments continue in both Europe and North America. Who do you support in the North American League? You can watch the matches of the team you support on the matches page of Luckbox and place bets. Don't forget to also check out our tournaments page.