Nilah - newest champion in League of Legends

Last week, the newest addition to the League of Legends roster was officially introduced: melee bot laner Nilah. Nilah, the Joy Unbound, brings an entirely new concept to the ADC pool of League of Legends. Finally, ADC players have something “different” to play. However, her skills resemble those of Samira’s.

This new concept is under examination by both casual League of Legends players and professional ones. They are trying to figure out how to utilize Nilah in the best possible way. That includes new runes, itemizations and even lane swaps. Let’s take a look at Nilah’s kit first, and move on to see how players used her until now.

Nilah’s skillset

Nilah’s skills are designed to make up for her short range. Thanks to her passive, she and her support gain more experience in the lane and she amplifies heals and shields used either on her or her nearest ally, most likely the support.

Aside from her basic attacks, Nilah’s Q is her primary damage source. Her Q amplifies her basic attacks and increases her attack range briefly. Thus, landing it on the enemies becomes more important. Her E is the dash ability which she can use either on allies or enemies, it can also be used with Q, dealing damage on her way to the end, just like Samira.

Nilah’s most significant ability is her W. She enters evasion similar to that of Jax, dodging all basic attacks for 2,5 seconds. Moreover, her allies may touch her to get the effect on themselves for 1,5 seconds.

Finally, her ultimate. It’s her team fight winner, first dealing damage to everyone around. After one second, she deals damage once again and pulls everyone towards herself. She heals nearby allies accordingly with the damage she dealt using the ultimate.

Nilah builds and runes

Looking at Platinum+ players in ranked thanks to LeagueofGraphs data, we can find out how the players decided to use Nilah. They are giving skill points in Q>E>W order, prioritizing the dash over the already-long cooldown of W. Her itemization starts with Immortal Shieldbow, followed by Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge, regular ADC build.

Nilah uses the Conqueror runes the best as she is a melee champion and gets the stacks two times faster than a regular ADC. Triumph, Alacrity and Last Stand followed that. Players usually selected Resolve as a secondary rune tree, going for Conditioning and Revitalize. These point out that players want her to sustain as much as possible and a little tankier than a regular ADC.

Nilah will be available in professional play in short time, and you will be able to see how the pro players adapt her to competitive environment. Check out Luckbox to find the best esports matches and sign up now to claim your 100% bonus which you can use before placing your bets.

Nilah win rate

Among Platinum+ ranked games, Nilah currently has a low 47.7% win rate with 8.8% popularity. Her ban rate is still 52%, meaning that players are taking their time before allowing Nilah to be played in their games.

Nilah had a tough time against Draven, Kalista and Caitlyn while she prospered against Seraphine, Ezreal and Aphelios. This means that as her attack range is so low, she can’t match lane bullies, or players haven’t figured out how to. As opposed to that, Nilah is able to take down champions that need scaling before being able to deal damage.

Riot decided to publish new champions after tuning down their power a bit for some time now, as they get public backlash if they bring in broken champions. Thus, Nilah might get buffed in the coming days in order to let players get used to her before unleashing her true power.