Nigma Galaxy: Wandering into the bottomless pit?

Nigma Galaxy’s fortune in the DPC WEU 2021-22 Tour 1 is off to an underwhelming start. Once bright stars in the European circuit now find themselves in a conundrum – diving down deep into the abyss of the bottomless pit.

The International 2017 Champions excluding iLTW have been struggling to find their groove due to different factors; be it Miracle’s absence early on at the start of DPC WEU Tour 1, or his return to the team that performed poorly with their coach, rmn-, standing in for Miracle.

A string of consecutive losses against Tundra Esports, OG Esports and Team Tickles, has landed Nigma in a weird pickle – in this case, the bottom of the table.

Unfortunate or complacent?

To what factors can we attribute Nigma’s performance? Unfortunate events with their star player; Miracle’s unavailability for the first two series, or getting complacent or players losing their sheen?

Frankly speaking, we don’t know.

A team stacked with such immense talent should have made strides in the new season considering their decision on sticking together. It’s not like they changed roster heading into the new season and needed time to get acclimated with each other?

Or maybe they are just rusty?

Glimmer of hope

Not long ago, after a string of consecutive losses, Nigma found a silver lining – that too against Team Secret. Kuroky’s team took down Puppey’s Secret in straight two games and for the first time in a long time, we got to witness Nigma’s real potential surface out of dormancy.

Miracle’s feisty aggression, Mind Control’s solid observation, GH and Kuroky’s stable invasion, and iLTW’s evolving game sense made the most amount of sense in their series against Team Secret.

Team Secret, on the other hand, showcased vulnerability among their defences that Nigma were able to clearly expose. But how does that fare for Nigma going forward?

Christmas break

Nigma’s next series will take place on January 5, 2022 as players head into the Christmas break. But how will the break fare for Nigma especially since they finally found momentum against one of the stronger placed teams in Western Europe

The saving grace is that their next series will be against Alliance – a team in a similar pickle as Nigma. However, to Nigma’s advantage, Alliance won against a weaker opponent and that might just set up the former’s momentum post the break.

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