Next step in The International 11 is upper bracket final

In The International 11, many matches were played during the playoff stage. Next up is the upper bracket final and lower bracket round 5.

Today we will take a look at what happened in the previous rounds and the upcoming matches.

Upper bracket round 1

  • Evil Geniuses 0 - 2 Thunder Awaken
  • Team Secret 2 - 0 PSG.LGD
  • Tundra Esports 2 - 0 OG
  • Team Liquid 0 - 2 Team Aster

In upper bracket round 1, Thunder Awaken dominated the round by defeating the Group A leader.

Team Secret also managed to defeat the tournament favourites PSG.LGD. Unable to show the desired performance in the group stage of the tournament, OG lost to the leader of Group B in the playoff stage as well.

Team Aster, on the other hand, took the win against Team Liquid after a relatively bad group stage.

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Upper bracket round 2

  • Thunder Awaken 0 - 2 Team Secret
  • Tundra Esports 2 - 0 Team Aster

Thunder Awaken, who showed a great performance in the tournament, could not escape the defeat against their strong rivals Team Secret.

Tundra Esports, on the other hand, was progressing very well in this tournament if you ask me, and achieved the victory.

Credit: Valve

Lower bracket round 1

  • Hokori 0 - 1 beastcoast
  • Team Spirit 0 - 1 BOOM Esports
  • Fnatic 0 - 1 Gaimin Gladiators
  • Royal Never Give Up 0 - 1 Entity

It took everyone by surprise, including me, that Team Spirit said goodbye to the tournament so early. We all expected better from the last The International champion.

Lower bracket round 2

  • Evil Geniuses 0 - 2 beastcoast
  • PSG.LGD 2 - 0 BOOM  Esports
  • OG 2- 1 Gaimin Gladiators
  • Team Liquid 2 - 1 Entity

I never expected Evil Geniuses to leave the tournament so soon after their amazing performance in Group A.

In addition, OG continued to show a lower performance, far from its old days, having struggled to win against Gaimin Gladiators.

Lower bracket round 3

  • beastcoast 1 - 2 PSG.LGD
  • OG 0 - 2 Team Liquid

PSG.LGD almost lost to beastcoast but they moved on with a comeback. OG, on the other hand, failed expectations. They said goodbye to The International 11, losing against Team Liquid.

Lower bracket round 4

  • Team Aster 2 - 0 PSG.LGD
  • Thunder Awaken 1 - 2 Team Liquid

Team Aster underperformed in the group stage and upper bracket. In the lower bracket round 4, they faced tournament favourites PSG.LGD, who performed similarly poorly. They beat their opponents 2-0. Many did not expect PSG.LGD to be eliminated.

Thunder Awaken, on the other hand, could not resist the comeback and was eliminated. The last game was quite competitive; however, Team Liquid was the winner.

Upcoming matches

Upper bracket final

Lower bracket round 5

Both matches are competitive. It is quite difficult to predict who will win. Don't forget to enjoy this competition on Luckbox.