Next station Antwerp: PGL Major Antwerp 2022: APAC RMR finished

PGL Major Antwerp 2022: Asia-Pacific RMR is another region that has completed its promotion phase for the Majors in Antwerp. IHC Esports and Renegades will join the Majors from the Contender stage.

Four teams from the tournament played directly in the double elimination playoffs. Let us take a look at the results and talk about their performances.

Upper Bracket results

The Round 1 matches of the PGL Major Antwerp 2022: Asia-Pacific RMR went as follows:

April 15
TYLOO 0-2 IHC Esports
LookingForOrg 0-2 Renegades


Chinese qualifier TYLOO faced Asian qualifier IHC Esports in the first match of Upper Bracket Round 1. Experienced team TYLOO went into the match as favourites, but IHC's performance prevented all other possible outcomes. First by 16-13 and then by 19-16, IHC emerged 2-0 winners of Round 1.

The second match of Round 1 was between Renegades and Looking For Org. Compared to their old games, Renegades won 3 out of 4. This statistic and their strong roster made them the favourites for the match. Due to the amazing performance of Liazz with a rating of 1.34, Renegades won 2-0.

The Upper Bracket final was played between IHC Esports and Renegades. Although an even match was expected, IHC showed how much they are working towards the Majors. The first round ended in a win for IHC with a score of 16-10.

With 25 kills and 102.9 total damage, bLitz was voted MVP. The second round was a nightmare for the Renegades. The score was 16-4 when the match ended. Once again, bLitz was voted MVP with a rating of 1.81 out of 2.00. With this win, IHC Esports became the first qualifier for PGL APAC.

Lower Bracket results

The losing teams from the Upper Bracket met in the Lower Bracket stage. In the first match, the loser TYLOO and in the second match the loser Looking For Org met.

TYLOO failed to live up to expectations and was therefore even more excited for this game. The first game ended 16-14, a close result. In the second round, TYLOO pressed the accelerator and won 16-8. In the final of the Lower Bracket, they met Renegades.

There were some very interesting results in the Lower Bracket Final on 16 April. In the first round at Mirage, Sico of Renegades was on stage with 27 kills and a 1.82 rating. His top performance earned the team a 16-5 win over TYLOO.

The second round of the final was quite competitive. Both teams played a total of 42 rounds, a 1:33 hour long match. At the end of this long contested game, Renegades got their second win with 22-20 and qualified for the PGL Major Antwerp.

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