New CS:GO update helps players practise grenade throws

The new update on the CS:GO blog is short but very sweet.

Released on Friday, CS:GO devs have added three console commands that will allows players to improve grenade throws, showing real-time trajectory, the ability to freeze the trajectory and replay the most recent nade thrown.

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Announced in the CS:GO blog, the new search console commands are:

  1. cl_grenadepreview: show a live update of the grenade’s trajectory while the pin is pulled.
  2. cl_sim_grenade_trajectory: Freeze the trajectory of the currently equipped grenade for the specified number of seconds. Useful for studying the path of long range smokes that go out of view.
  3. sv_rethrow_last_grenade: Recreate the last grenade thrown on this server. Useful for testing the same flash against multiple positions.

Popular move

The new CS:GO update has been warmly welcomed by the Counter-Strike community, keen to improve their utility usage. Some reactions via Twitter have been gushing with praise for Valve's work.