NAVI and Vitality meet in the Fall Finals upper bracket final

BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2021 continue at full speed where teams will share their trump cards in Copenhagen. The two teams closest to the championship, Natus Vincere (NAVI) and Team Vitality, matched in the upper bracket final.

The first finalist of BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2021 will be determined with the match to be played on November 27 at 16:00 CET.

How did Natus Vincere make it to the upper bracket final?

What comes to your mind when you think of the most successful Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team of recent times? Yes, the answer to such a question for most of us would be NAVI. So it is not uncommon for NAVI to be in the upper bracket final.

First matched against BIG in the opening games on November 24, NAVI won both Dust II and Nuke, leading the Bo3 series 2-0, and advanced to the upper bracket semifinals.

In the upper bracket semifinals, they faced Heroic, one of the strongest teams of recent times. NAVI won 2-1 in the thrilling Bo3 series, which was quite competitive. In the process,  they proceeded to the upper bracket final.

How did Team Vitality make it to the upper bracket final?

Team Vitality is also among the best teams of recent times. In the opening matches of the tournament, they defeated Team Liquid 2-0 without much difficulty.

The French team faced Astralis in the upper bracket semifinals. We watched three great maps. On Nuke, Vitality led 22-18 while on Dust II, Astralis prevailed 14-16. Lastly, on Inferno, Vitality became the opponent to face NAVI in the upper bracket final with a 16-11 win against Astralis.

Natus Vincere vs. Team Vitality

We will watch the match of the experienced French team with the clear favourite of recent times, on November 27 at 16:00 CET.

NAVI return with championships from almost every tournament they participate in. Recently, CS:GO fans have been mesmerized by their performances at IEM Cologne 2021, ESL Pro League Season 14 and PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

Team Vitality, on the other hand, lost 2-3 in the Bo5 series against NAVI in the ESL Pro League Season 14 final and placed second. However, we can say that Team Vitality loves BLAST Premier Fall tournaments.

In December 2020, they were the champions at last year's BLAST Premier: Fall 2020. They also won the Intel Extreme Masters XV - Beijing Online: Europe final by defeating NAVI.

Who is your favourite? Is it NAVI, the team that is smashing anyone they have come across lately, or Team Vitality, the French team trying to find success while keeping their experienced roster? You can watch the match and place bets on the NAVI vs. Team Vitality match page.

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