Why some nations are more successful in esports?

From the very far East to the coldest places on Earth, esports and its players got the specialty of being all around the world whereas some other nations become more successful than the others, depending on their culture, economical situations, and type of esports game that they have spent more time and be a “professional” in that way.

Like the other sports, esports has also started to be a cultural part for nations, they even get to the point of having educational lessons or degrees about any kind of esports games. With the effect of that, some cultures became the flag owner of several esports and got fame around the world for their skills in that games. Today, we will talk about these countries and how they became so well-known with their special and respectful skills.

Asia - MOBA Games:

It is nearly impossible to not talk about how the MOBA game esports industry is going on in Asia and what kind of global success that these teams got when it comes to especially League of Legends and Dota 2.

As a part of the Western culture, we all know how these people are great gamers in addition to their magnificent skills about tactical knowledge needed for these MOBA games such as map observation, the timing for objects and skill knowledge for each hero, and other kinds of specialties. Even in Europe, some professional teams are using Asian servers to send their esports players to have a boot camp to improve their gaming skills and have the atmosphere of Asian MOBA culture.

South Koreans and Chinese teams in League of Legends and Dota 2 are very well known for dominating the international tournaments with at least 2 teams that reached the quarter-final, semi-final, and final steps.

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South Korea got 6 championships at the League of Legends World Championships, and for 3 years in a row (2015, 2016, 2017) finalists were both from this country. Being as a country that got the most championships at the World Championships, another Asian country, China, is also being second, thanks to the 3 championships they got in the years of 2018, 2019, and 2021.

Knowing Asian people have such superior ability about MOBA games, we can ask the question that “how Asians can become that good at these games?” Let’s take a look at what kind of functions make Asian people that good at MOBA Games.

1- Intelligence Quotient (IQ):

The very first function takes place on our list is the Intelligence Quotient, or known as IQ level for Asian countries that put them in the top 5 countries with the highest IQ level according to WorldData.info. Without having an exact answer for what kind of things are making them have the highest IQ records, It may be about genetic factors, education system or the family education that they have in their home.

Their high IQ level is reflected in the games such as having the ability to think very tiny little things which can open the doors of victory inside of the game that make them different, and of course, better players compared to the others around the world. Since MOBA games are based on complete detail and concentration, high IQ levels can help you not lose your focus or see a little ant that any other can not see.

2- Nature of Survival:

This factor is also carrying an interesting fact and reality about how it can affect even a video game that first started to improve entertainment.

The continent of Asia is the world’s most crowded continent, including China and India inside of its borders. This population also reflects a huge amount of people who are suffering from low income and in need of staying above.

Since MOBA games are also a kind of competitive game, this factor leads them to take it more seriously and work for the best on it to stay competitive and reach the top. With being connected to the very first factor, IQ, the nature of survival can also increase the level of intelligence.

3- Gaming Culture:

Being very different from Asian culture, in the West, the ones who are playing games all the time can be seen as “losers”, who don’t have any social activity that they can do or any friend for talking. Interestingly, playing games is counted as one of the coolest things in Asian countries. Esports players are even giving signatures or photos to their fans.

Of course, this popularity is affecting the new generations and they are also taking these esports players as role figures, wanting to be like them in the future era. There are even lessons for esports, which you can study and be an esports player with a degree.

Europe - FPS Games:

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When we say Call of Duty or Counter-Strike esports, we are always having an image of European people that stay very close to their monitors and mostly have a look of Scandinavian people, which is thanks to their interest in FPS Games.

FPS Games in Europe are a big part of the environment and got huge popularity among youth people, mostly for Counter-Strike or Call of Duty games. Their success compared to the United States teams is always a part of the debate that continues for several years and still goes on. But what exactly makes European people good about FPS games?

1- Low Ping:

As gamers, we all have some times that suffer a lot from having very high rates of pings and losing our patience on the game, which sometimes ends up losing a fancy monitor or breaking a keyboard. We all agree that ping makes a big difference if you are a professional player trying to rank up and get high scores in your leagues.

For European people, especially the USA, ping rates have always been better than other countries and continents. This factor is affecting them to have a very smooth playing and increasing their gaming skills of the FPS games. This can be proved by showing the example of the internet speed of Denmark, which is making them having the third-fastest internet in the world, and the fact that the Danish team, Astralis, is one of the best teams on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championships.

2- Tactical Knowledge:

In the FPS games, having an acceptable tactic is a point key for winning against your enemy and taking the title of the champion. It is nearly impossible to imagine a professional team, which doesn't have any idea about what to do or what kind of tactics should be used on different kinds of maps that the game serves to you.

European gamers are also known as very old gamers of the Counter-Strike series, such as 1.5 or 1.6. With being very old players for these games, they were also professionalized about what kind of tactics can be used on maps or guns. Since the Counter-Strike series followed the same maps for years, they became very good masters about what can be done on the maps.

Credit: SteelSeries

The culture of esports is still going on a good way when it comes to being integrated into the nations and changing their old habits into new ones, which shows how technology is becoming a milestone for our life. Some countries have already started to make esports a part of their culture before others and now they have good popularity about their perfect skills in several parts of esports. We are hoping to see esports in every other culture and get a bright future that comes with computers.

All those factors may enlighten you about the fact that some nations and continents are being favored in various tournaments. Now it’s time to use this knowledge in your favor, watch the matches of the team you support and place bets on Luckbox.