MSI 2023: Lower Bracket Semifinal betting odds

We're just days away from finding out who will be duking it out in the MSI 2023 Grand Final - with the Lower Bracket Semifinal due to take place on May 19.

MSI 2023: Lower Bracket Semifinal schedule, betting odds, and predictions

It's the beginning of the end of this year's MSI, which has been raging since May 2, and is now rapidly ramping up to the May 21 Grand Final.

Of the 13 teams who started out at MSI 2023, just four remain - with T1 and JD Gaming due to duke it out in the Upper Bracket Final, while the two teams going head-to-head in the Lower Bracket will be facing potential elimination from the tournament.

The remaining teams are competing for their share of the $250,000, of which the 1st-place winner will receive $50,000 - alongside the honour of lifting the MSI 2023 trophy.

And we're just days away from finding out who the winner of MSI 2023 will be, with the Lower Bracket Semifinal due to take place at 13:00 GMT on May 19, when Bilibili Gaming will go up against Gen.G Esports.

Bilibili Gaming (3.40) vs Gen.G (1.26)

Bilibili's run through this year's Mid-Season Invitational has been impressive to watch, with the Chinese fans delighting fans both back and home and overseas so far. Bilibili dominated during the Play-In Stage, having pulled off a perfect win streak over both Rainbow7 and Golden Guardians to earn their spot in the Bracket Stage. And while their 3-0 victory over Cloud9 got their Bracket Stage run off to a good start, they were swiftly knocked down to the lower bracket through a 0-3 loss to JD Gaming. Still, Bilibili was able to survive to fight another day through their victory over G2 Esports in the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals - but do they have what it takes to defeat Gen.G Esports?

Gen.G Esports, meanwhile, made their MSI 2023 debut during the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals, having qualified for the Bracket Stage through their 1st-place finish at LCK Spring 2023. Gen.G got off to a great start, claiming a 3-1 victory over G2 in their debut match, but their fortunes quickly turned against them. The Korean team found themselves knocked down to the lower bracket through a tense match against T1, a closely-fought series that ended with a score of 2-3. Gen.G quickly rebounded, however, breezing to victory in the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals through a 3-0 win over Cloud9. Things are looking good for Gen.G Esports ahead of the Lower Bracket Semifinal - but do we have a potential upset on our hands?

The odds are in Gen.G Esports' favour here, at 3.40 vs Bilibili Gaming's 3.40.

There's just a handful of matches left at this year's MSI, with the winner of the lower bracket Semifinal moving on to the Lower Bracket Final, due to take place on May 20. And so, to make sure you don't miss another moment of this month's tournament, just check out our MSI 2023 match schedule. And before you bet on League of Legends, remember to claim your free 100% bonus!