MSI 2022: Rumble Stage is over

The journey is over, it’s time for the best-of-five battles for the MSI 2022 trophy with Royal Never Give Up, T1, Evil Geniuses and G2 Esports remaining as the final four. MSI 2022’s Rumble Stage was an incredibly major-region dominated one, but we were still able to catch some great games during those best of ones.

Aside from G2 Esports’ two losses against PSG Talon and one against Saigon Buffalo, no major region dropped a game against these two teams. Thus, MSI 2022 showed how the difference between the major regions and the minor ones keeps getting bigger, especially after the pandemic’s effects on the minor region. We will still be thinking about what would happen if GAM came instead of SGB, though.

Best moments from the Rumble Stage

After T1’s 6-0, G2’s 8-0 and RNG’s 6-0 during the play-in stage, our expectations from the next phase was these teams dismantling the little ones. While the general perception of power rankings were T1>RNG>G2, it was apparent on the first day that everything could change with one team believing in themselves, that was G2 Esports.

Their first day was significantly tough, G2 were facing both T1 and RNG. However, that wasn’t a reason for G2 to give up, on the first match of MSI 2022, they pulled the upset against T1. Moving on to their second game of the day, G2 took down RNG too, and for the first time since 2020, European fans started to believe.

T1’s poor start continued with a second-day loss against RNG, but the worst possible thing that could have happened was definitely the loss against Evil Geniuses on the fourth day. Impact, Inspired and jojopyun took down T1’s top side while Keria was on Taric duty, and the criticisms of T1’s drafts continued. Why would Keria play a champion that restricts his abilities just to counterpick the enemy? This was T1’s first loss against an NA team since MSI 2016.

On the other hand, G2 Esports’ 4-0 start got stopped by PSG Talon, and G2 started a 0-5 series following that, getting defeated by PSG, Saigon Buffalo, T1 and RNG. In the final match, G2 managed to turn the game around against Evil Geniuses and defeated NA once again, even while they were on a losing streak.

RNG kept on dominating the Rumble Stage after their only loss against G2 Esports, and played very confidently and managed to take down G2 in their rematch. However, the very last match of the MSI 2022 Rumble Stage saw T1 slowly taking down Royal Never Give Up, and although RNG was already locked in for the first place, the question had to be asked, is T1 back, did we exaggerate their losses?

How is MSI 2022 looking after the Rumble Stage?

MSI 2022’s knockout stage looks very similar to MSI 2019 at this point, T1 is second place after LPL representative with 7-3, G2 Esports are in the fourth place with 5-5 and the Chinese representative picked the third place NA team instead of fourth place G2 Esports to face during the semi-finals.

Ahri and Lucian’s 100% presence keeps going on, but the main champions that affect MSI 2022 are still Gwen (positively: 23 wins in 37 games) and Viego (negatively: 23 losses in 33 games). Having a look at player KDA’s, the top five has four RNG players: GALA (8.04), Wei (8), Xiaohu (6.5) and Ming (5.41). Only player that got in between them is T1’s Oner with a 5.9 KDA.

Image via Riot Games

Playing 13 different champions during the MSI 2022, Saigon Buffalo’s support Taki deserves some respect. PSG Talon’s Kaiwing led the kill participation stats with his 75.3% in his team’s kills.

According to Esports Charts, the most watched games of MSI 2022 significantly changed after this stage. Four of the five most watched games belong to T1: T1 vs RNG (1,184,574), T1 vs G2 (1,046,330), T1 vs RNG (1,035,483) and T1 vs PSG (1,011,145). RNG vs G2 Esports with 957,572 peak viewers follow those games right after.

MSI 2022 Knockout Stage schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule below:

Friday, May 27
BO5: Royal Never Give Up (1.01) vs Evil Geniuses (11.00) - 10:00 CEST

Saturday, May 28
BO5: T1 (1.17) vs G2 Esports (4.50) - 10:00 CEST

Sunday, May 29
BO5, Grand Final: RNG/EG vs T1/G2 - 10:00 CEST

Image via Riot Games

The matchups for the remainder of the MSI 2022 looks very interesting. After dominating the MSI, Royal Never Give Up will face Evil Geniuses, a match that they should easily be winning considering their power. However, as mentioned earlier, MSI 2022 looks very similar to MSI 2019 where Team Liquid upset Invictus Gaming to move on to the grand finals. It’s hard, but not impossible for EG to make it.

Another matchup from MSI 2019: T1 will face G2 Esports to take their revenge after getting bullied by the latter so many times. G2 is like the nemesis of T1 at this point, and three of the five players from T1 consider G2 as their biggest enemy and the one to beat. On the contrary, G2 does consider T1 a rival but their “having fun” gimmick might work better in a situation like this. Although G2 defeated T1 in the first match, T1 stomped G2 in their rematch, thus, we can expect a great fight between these two teams before the grand final.

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