MSI 2022 in numbers

League of Legends first international tournament in 2022, MSI 2022, ended last weekend with Royal Never Give Up claiming the trophy. The team won their second MSI in a row, and third MSI in their history, and became the first team to achieve such a feat. Plus, they took the $70,000 prize home and will now get ready for Worlds 2022.

We gathered the numbers and statistics from this amazing MSI 2022 tournament for you, from Royal Never Give Up’s domination to Wei’s incredible performance overall, you will be able to find anything you wonder about MSI 2022 here.

Overall statistics from MSI 2022

Check out our infographic which highlights some of the most important stats from the tournament below:

MSI 2022 has been the most-watched MSI, defying any rumors that say “League of Legends is regressing. Even when RNG is attending from home, show not being perfect due to the pandemic effects still not being totally over and disputes over the format of the tournament, MSI managed to attract fans.

MSI 2022 Most Valuable Player: RNG Wei

Wei, the 19-year-old Chinese jungler of Royal Never Give Up, left his mark on MSI 2022. He is one of the leading, if not the best player on many stats, and especially against T1 in the grand final. He really stepped up and brought glory to his team.

The most incredible part of Wei’s MSI 2022 journey was his incredible 7.41 KDA, as he was able to play any of the meta champions and lead RNG to victory.

Wei is also one of the best players in terms of kills and assists per match, and many of his opponents on those stats played much fewer games than him, which makes his achievement even more valuable.

He participated in RNG’s team movements on the map with a kill participation ratio of 64.1%, not an outstanding rate but one that is expected from a player of his calibre.

When talking about his proficiency on meta champions, note that he played eight different champions, a very good number between junglers. Wei played Viego eight times, Lee Sin six times, Wukong four times, Nocturne two times and Graves, Jarvan IV, Volibear and Xin Zhao one time.

He was able to make use of Viego greatly. The champion has a high pick rate and a very low win ratio, but Wei was able to win six of his eight games with the Ruined King. Both of his losses were against T1, one in Rumble Stage and one in Knockout Stage.

Top performances from players and teams

Check out the image below where we listed the best performing players of MSI 2022 and the prize pool of the tournament:

The champion, Royal Never Give Up, were surely the best performing team in the tournament and they deserved the trophy. RNG was able to put an end to the T1 hype, and unlike the Korean representatives which got better gradually after Rumble Stage, they were incredibly good all tournament long, losing four games in total.

The power of both RNG and T1 is reflected in the player stats obviously, and they are followed by one representative from G2 and EG, the semi-finalists.

Viewership records from MSI 2022

As mentioned above, MSI 2022 is the most-watched Mid-Season Invitational tournament of all time, check out the list of 5 best MSI tournaments in terms of peak viewers below, using data provided by Esports Charts:

  • MSI 2022: 2.194.104
  • MSI 2021: 1.839.876
  • MSI 2019: 1.704.326
  • MSI 2018: 994.093
  • MSI 2017: 916.592

To better understand MSI 2022’s success, you should also take a look at how it compares to other international/domestic tournaments from LoL esports in terms of peak viewership:

  • Worlds 2021: 4.018.728
  • Worlds 2019: 3.985.787
  • Worlds 2020: 3.882.252
  • MSI 2022: 2.194.104
  • Worlds 2017: 2.102.206
  • MSI 2021: 1.836.876
  • LCK Spring 2022: 1.374.155

Obviously, these stats could easily be interpreted as the effect of having T1 and RNG in the finals. LCK Spring 2022 and LCK Spring 2021 are very high on this list, probably due to T1 making a high finish and reaching the grand finals in both tournaments.

All 5 most-watched games of LCK Summer 2021 are T1’s, and three of them are T1’s in LCK Spring 2022, with the rest being DWG KIA vs Gen.G games.

As opposed to Worlds 2019, Worlds 2020 had a rather anti-climactic grand final between Suning and DAMWON Gaming, whereas G2 Esports fought for the trophy in 2019.

At Worlds 2021 however, both EDG and DWG were teams with huge fan bases and they both went through incredible semi-finals series against even more famous teams like Gen.G and T1.

Image via Riot Games

Taking the above into consideration, MSI 2022’s success is no coincidence. T1 and RNG are worldwide famous teams and you already saw how they affect viewership. In addition to that, G2 Esports created hype in Europe by showing up during Rumble Stage, and Evil Geniuses showed NA fans that a North American team can make RNG struggle. Even though they criticized the format, LoL esports followers around the world tuned in for the finals, creating a peak-viewers count of more than 2 million viewers.

All 5 most-watched games of MSI 2022 belong to the South Korean champions T1:

  • T1 vs Royal Never Give Up (grand final) - 2.194.104
  • T1 vs G2 Esports (semi-final) - 1.427.817
  • T1 vs RNG (Rumble Stage G1) - 1.186.411
  • T1 vs G2 (Rumble Stage G2) - 1.047.862
  • T1 vs RNG (Rumble Stage G2) - 1.037.076

The teams will now move on to their domestic competitions, and try to get a ticket for the Worlds 2022 action in North America.

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