MSI 2022 Grand Final Preview: Royal Never Give Up vs T1

MSI 2022 journey is coming to an end tomorrow: LPL’s Royal Never Give Up will face T1 in the grand finals. It is the final we expected, two regions that stay on top of League of Legends esports are facing each other in a grand final for the fourth time in a row. Royal Never Give Up is coming to defend their MSI title, and T1 is coming to start another T1 era.

RNG defeated their North American opponent Evil Geniuses 3-0 in the semi-finals with a very convincing performance. T1 had the tougher opponent due to them finishing second place, but G2 Esports played even worse than EG and couldn’t pose any threat to the South Korean side. Find the details and the schedule for tomorrow’s series below.

Royal Never Give Up vs Evil Geniuses

Image via Riot Games

You can easily say that RNG crushed EG in the semi-finals, although Evil Geniuses were able to produce some answers and hold back RNG for quite a long time, RNG managed the sweep in the end.

The first game was a very poor performance from Evil Geniuses. While RNG took the 22-1 victory in 28 minutes, Impact was 0-7 on Gangplank, Inspired was 0-4 on Nocturne, Danny and Vulcan was 0-7-0 in total. EG needed to forget about this game and focus on the next ones, and they did.

While RNG got a good start once again, one or two teamfights was enough to get Evil Geniuses back in the game. Ahri was 4-1-6 at one point, with a strong Ornn - Viego on top side and Jinx as the carry. However, EG blew the 15-11 lead after a mistake on bot lane and Impact getting caught over and over again. EG missed the win, but they knew how close they were.

In the third game, EG tried even harder. RNG started out with a 11-3 lead once again but Evil Geniuses was able to get back in the game through the teamfights in the mid-game. The gold difference was 4k in favor of RNG at 37 minutes and EG was fighting with everything they had. RNG finally found a team fight win around Elder Dragon, and although EG stopped them from ending the game and took the buff themselves, it was the point where they lost control without being able to use Elder Dragon’s power at all.

T1 vs G2 Esports

Image via Riot Games

This was supposed to be the closer one of the semi-finals matchups. G2 Esports had an advantage over T1 in their history, T1 came here both to make it to the grand finals and to put a stop to that streak.

The top lane match up was a very usual one: Gwen vs Gangplank, but Brokenblade failed to make any presence as his team was crushed by T1. Faker played an amazing Tristana to start the series, and G2 was outclassed as a team, even though the scoreboard didn’t seem too bad.

Following up, T1 gave Zeus Yone to stop BrokenBlade’s Sion. Once again, playing as a team and showing their strength through team fights, T1 ended the game in 33 minutes, it was the longest one but one that looked like it was in T1’s hand more than the first game. Faker’s 8-3-5 LeBlanc was a treat to watch.

To finish the series, T1 gave their gans what they were waiting for 3 years. T1 utterly destroyed G2, almost finishing the game in 17 minutes. Although it officially ended in 21 minutes, the game was a total stomp, T1 won every single lane and put on a real show. The T1 we knew from the LCK was back and G2 had nothing to stop them.

MSI 2022 Grand Final

The schedule for the MSI 2022 Grand Final is:

T1 (1.65) vs Royal Never Give Up (2.10) - May 29, Sunday, 10:00 CEST

For the last few games and G2 Esports series, T1 looked like they are finally back to their form in the LCK. They are the strongest team in the world, they have very little flaws, each of the players are mechanically-gifted and T1 is the definition of a team, everyone working together around their leader Faker, correcting their mistakes and getting better. The 20-0 LCK champions are the favourites, and they deserve that.

Royal Never Give Up is no easy rival though: From Bin in top lane to GALA - Ming in bot lane, RNG has nuclear weapons on every part of the map. They will be the toughest opponent that T1 faces in a best of five, arguably even better than Gen.G. If a team can defeat T1 in the grand finals of MSI 2022, that’s RNG.

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