MOUZ tops ESL Pro League Season 16’s Group C

ESL Pro League Season 16 has left many surprises behind as it comes to an end. Astralis, which we considered to be the favourite of the group, was eliminated from the tournament. MOUZ, which we thought of as their biggest rival, finished first in the group.

We had a look at the results of the matches played in the first two days before. Today we will take a look at what happened in Group C of ESL Pro League Season 16 and what awaits us ahead in the tournament.

Astralis and ENCE fall short of expectations in Group C

Let's first take a look at the matches played in the last three days of Group C, and then comment on the overall situation of the group.

September 16

  • Astralis 1 - 2 HEET
  • Heroic 2 - 0 Complexity
  • ENCE 0 - 2 MOUZ

September 17

  • Heroic 2 - 1 HEET
  • Complexity 1 - 2 MOUZ
  • ENCE 0 - 2 Astralis

September 18

  • Heroic 2 - 1 Astralis
  • ENCE 0 - 2 Complexity
  • MOUZ 2 - 1 HEET
Credit: ESL

Before the group stage started, I predicted that Astralis would win in Group C. On the first day, when Astralis lost to Complexity, I was skeptical, but I guessed they would get better. However, when Astralis was defeated by HEET, the supposed weakest link of the group, I was now sure that something went wrong. They were eliminated from ESL Pro League Season 16 by finishing fourth in the group with their defeat against Heroic on the last day.

With Astralis stumbling, MOUZ showed the performance they were supposed to show and finished first in the group.

Frankly, I was surprised that Complexity had made it to the playoff stage. They performed much better than expected and deserved to be promoted to the playoff stage.

Credit: ESL

Like Astralis, ENCE also fell short of expectations. It was a mystery whether they would make it to the playoff stage, but I did not expect them to finish in fifth place.

Place Team W/L
1st MOUZ 4-1
2nd Heroic 4-1
3rd Complexity 3-2
4th Astralis 2-3
5th ENCE 1-4
6th HEET 1-4


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Credit: ESL

What’s next in ESL Pro League Season 16?

With the end of Group C, only one group remains before the playoffs. Group D will start on September 21 and end on September 25. The start date of the playoff stage is September 27. Afterwards, we will watch the playoff matches every day with the grand final being played on October 2.

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