Most Spectacular Moments of Esports

For every person who has been following esports fondly for many years and is closely interested in this field, they have some memories which are rarely seen in the esports fields and have a quality that a person cannot comprehend.

These memories have always had the effect of gasoline being thrown into the fire for viewers. While these memories doubled the excitement, they also made us use every corner of our brain to understand what transpired. Esports fans will always remember these legendary movements — thanks to video channels on the internet.

In this article, we got very selective and popular, unforgettable moments from the formal tournaments of several fields of esports that got a place on our mind and we still remember like it was yesterday. Enjoy while you freshen your mind.

Fatal1ty’s Comeback - Quakecon 2002:

We all know that Quake got the title of being the first game that got a competitive tournament in the history of esports. After years from the very first tournament, Quake got extremely popular around the world and that of course led to more tournaments.

In this 2002 Quakecon Tournament, the esports stage has seen a very cool moment from Fatal1ty, while he was losing against his rival Aim for 0-8. Fatal1ty was able to turn back the game with his incredible skills and etched an unforgettable place in our minds.

Turkey’s comeback against Argentina: Counter-Strike Global Offensive

While the year was 2016, the most popular FPS game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was having its biggest tournament, World Championship 2016. At the final stage, the only qualified team from South America, Argentina, was playing against European Qualifier participant, Turkey.

In the first step of the finals, the esports stage was seeing one of the rarest things that a world tournament can have. On the map of de_train, Argentina was massively winning against Turkey when they won 11 rounds in a row and Turkey wasn’t able to win even one. But after that last round, Turkey was able to magnificently come back and win that first stage of the final 16-14 against Argentina.

6 Million Dollar Slam Dunk - Dota 2:

Every DOTA 2 lover has one specific memory that they became crazy about. It is nothing but Evil Geniuses (EG) unbelievable wombo combo against CDEC Gaming at International Finals in 2015.

While one of the EG’s players was defeated, CDEC decided to take Roshan to gain some experience and gold for buying items. EG made a movement that wasn't expected from anybody but them, and found a good opportunity to use their combination of spells and wipe out CDEC since they were all gathered at the same place. It happened and CDEC Gaming became a dusty part of history at that moment.

xPeke Backdoor: League of Legends

When this legendary movement happened which shows how xPeke was the greatest midlane player at that time, IEM Katowice Season 7 was the place for it.

Fnatic and SK Gaming were playing against each other and the winner will be the one that moves to the next stage to go into the semifinals. While the match was nearing its end, xPeke pulled off the first backdoor in the history of League of Legends and gave birth to a very popular meme around the world, which every backdoor after xPeke was known as “xPeke Backdoor”.

Faker’s mirror match: League of Legends

We all know about Faker’s prowess in League of Legends, especially with his characterized skills on the Zed. He was always able to make a special show for his fans to present them with a more enjoyable experience for the League of Legends.

But there is one special moment that Faker got his worldwide fame from, while also blowing our minds with his “very hard to understand” skills. It was his mirror match against another popular player, Ryu. In their one-on-one Zed duel, Faker was able to win without even letting us understand if we don't watch it in slow motion.

s1mple's 2 vs 1 falling no-scope shot: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counting as one of the gratest CS:GO players Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, he also known as his very famous non-scope shots while Team Liquid were playing against Fnatic in the semi-finals of CS:GO Major Tournement.

With his amazing no-scope AWP clutch against 2 players from Fnatic, he helped Team Liquid to close out the first half.

Evo Moment #37 Daigo vs Justin: Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Being described as the most iconic moment in competitive gaming history, Evo Moment represents the Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike semifinal match between Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong.

In this legendary movement, Daigo unexpectedly makes a comeback with escaping from Justin's 15 "Super Art" move which after followed by a good combo and made Daigo the winner of the semi-final.

jstn's zero-second goal: Rocket League

In the best of seven match between NRG Esports and Team Dignitas, jstn turns into a magician at the last second and scores which is resulting the equal score, 3-3.

NRG Esports keeps the ball on the last second on the air and game continues for more 20 second. While the ball was taking its way to the Team Dignitas penalty area, jstn shows himself with his goal.

"The Play": Dota 2

In the International II Tournament match between Natus Vincere or Na'Vi against Invictus Gaming, Na'Vi makes whole stage go crazy with its gameplay.

On their way to make a team fight, Invictus Gaming catches Na'Vi while they were under the affect of sleep. When it made Invictus Gaming to think it is the right time to attack, they were not in the knowledge of how Na'Vi can defend against all of these skills.

Happy's Deagle Ace: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This play is also known as the play of the decade too. At the Dreamhack Open London 2015, Vincent ‘Happy’ Schopenhauer became a part of history with his ACE.

In this match that Team Envy play against Team SoloMid in the map of Inferno, Happy hunts all of the TSM players thanks to his pure skills of using Deagle.

All these moments are the ones that make our viewing experience more enjoyable and keep esports alive with its affects. Thanks to professional players and their brilliant skills, we will remember these moments and mention it when there is a topic about the esports greatness.

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