Most popular skins from Worlds 2022

Worlds 2022 continues at a fast pace; let’s take a moment to have some fun. The competition is amazing with lots of great teams competing at the best League of Legends tournament of the year. However, a little bit of gossip wouldn’t hurt anyone! Let’s take a look at some of the most popular skins from Worlds 2022.

The players selected numerous skins (excluding Faker, the GOAT never plays with a skin other than his own T1 Zed, T1 Ryze and T1 Syndra) this year as always. We tried to pick some of the best ones. No ADC competitions below, because many ADC players played with the classic versions instead of selecting one of the many spectacular skins.

Unbound Thresh vs Winter Wonder Soraka

In T1 vs EDward Gaming, Meiko picked Unbound Thresh, while Keria played Winter Wonder Soraka.

Image via Riot Games

Meiko’s Unbound Thresh is one of the new skins, depicting Thresh as a “human being”. The skin created a lot of controversies when it was first released, especially because of how Ruination was botched by Riot Games. Still, it’s an amazing one.

Winter Wonder Soraka from Keria is a usual choice, and it isn’t anything new. You can head into SoloQ right now and find someone playing Winter Wonder Soraka. Sorry, Keria, Meiko wins this one. Although you won both games against EDG…

PROJECT: Vi vs Meowkai

In the tie-breaker between JD Gaming and DWG KIA, Kanavi picked PROJECT: VI, while Canyon played Meowkai.

Image via Riot Games

Kanavi’s PROJECT: Vi is an old skin, but I must say it’s not one of my favourites. With it’s visual effects and all, PROJECT: VI is a popular choice, but I try to stay away from it. I can’t say that Kanavi is a gourmet seeing that he picked PROJECT over PsyOps Vi.

Canyon’s Meowkai is also an old one, however, it’s something iconic. Meowkai is one of the best themes in the game for me. Even its name which is different from the regular skin names is fun. This one goes to Canyon, although JDG managed to defeat DK in that game.

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High Noon Viktor vs Dark Star Orianna

The second game between Fnatic and Cloud9 saw Humanoid play High Noon Viktor and Jensen play Dark Star Orianna.

Image via Riot Games

High Noon Viktor is one of the new skins, and it really is great, the theme is splendid and the execution is perfect. Viktor has few skins, but overall it is easy to say that they are all great skins.

Orianna is also a champion with lots of great skins, but Dark Star Orianna is a safe choice. The visual effects are enough, the concept is good, and the skin is preferable overall. Cloud9 also won the game against Fnatic to hand NA their first win of the year over Fnatic so we can declare Jensen the winner here.

Coven Camille vs Firecracker Sejuani

Gen.G and RNG played to get first place in Group D, and Doran picked Coven Camille while Breathe played Firecracker Sejuani.

Image via Riot Games

Coven Camille is one of the most elegant-looking skins in League of Legends, both in-game and in her splash art. I must say, I have to applaud Doran for his skin choice and his performance with the champion.

Firecracker Sejuani is also a great choice. Sejuani has many skins but Breathe also picked a fitting Chroma for himself, showing that he cares about how he looks in the game. My opinion is Coven Camille > any Sejuani skin, but this one is a close one for sure.

Freljord Sylas vs Gravelord Azir

Finally, Top Esports' knight played Freljord Sylas while DRX Zeka went for Gravelord Azir.

Image via Riot Games

As one of the newer skins, Freljord Sylas is heavily underrated in my opinion. His in-game looks and theme are one of the best in the game right now.

However, Gravelord Azir is such an old choice... It shows how Zeka is great at building a lane kingdom: he cares about nothing but his game. Otherwise, he wouldn't pick Gravelord Azir; even classic Azir is better. This one goes to knight! He also won the game, but it wasn't enough to keep his team in Worlds 2022.