Most feared heroes of The International 11

With the end of The International 11, which Tundra Esports won, we wanted to take a look at some statistics as Luckbox. One of them was the most feared heroes of The International 11.

Today we will take a look at the most feared heroes of The International 11 according to ban rates and whether it is appropriate to be feared.

5. Morphling (49.35%)

Morphling is in the fifth place of our list with a 49.35% ban rate. Morphling was played 44 times in total in the matches where it was not banned. While Morphling was on the winning side in 19 of these matches, he was on the losing side in 25. With a win rate of 43.18%, it seems as if there is no need to be banned. Morphling did not reach a high win rate as feared.

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Credit: Valve

4. Batrider (49.78%)

Batrider was not preferred much in the matches where he was not banned. Batrider, who was preferred 20 times in total, achieved victory in only 4 matches and was defeated 16 times. It would even be better if they didn't ban him after seeing the 20% win rate. Batrider is by far the hero with the worst win rate on the list.

3. Primal Beast (54.11%)

Primal Beast has a serious ban rate of 54.11 percent. Primal Beast was preferred 67 times in the matches where it was not banned. While it was victorious in 32 of these matches, it was defeated in 35 of them. The 47.76% win rate proves that it stands out in certain compositions.

2. Marci (55.41%)

Marci was banned in 55.41% of the matches and picked in 41.13% of the matches. In short, her name was mentioned in 96.54% of the matches. In this respect, he is the leader of the list. While she won 47 of the 95 matches she was picked, she tasted defeat in 48 of them. With a 49.47% win rate, she wasn't in a positive win rate either.

1. Enigma (61.90%)

When we look at the ban rate, Enigma is by far the leader of the list. However, it is an interesting statistic that he is not preferred as much as Marci. Enigma, which was preferred in 59 matches, achieved 32 wins and 27 losses. With a win rate of 54.24 percent, he is the only hero of the list with a positive win rate.

We have come to the end of our article on The International 11's most feared heroes. Be sure to stay on Luckbox so you don't miss the latest news about Dota 2 esports.