Luckbox community pals to take on VITALIC and Miss Snowfox

The Luckbox community are getting ready to support three Dota 2-loving friends as they prepare for a match against some pretty high-profile opposition.

Jaster, Onehitermn and Legend became friends in the Luckbox Discord server and are now part of a Dota 2 roster with NeoGarfield and Eriboz.

Their team, Pretty Boxes Reformed, will play a joinDota Europe 4L.4 League match against Straßendota e.V - whose members include German streamers VITALIC and Miss Snowfox. The streamers have a combined Twitch following of 60,000.

The best-of-two match is due to start at 7pm CEST / 6pm BST on Sunday, June 9. Commentators DragonDrop and GarethCasts will broadcast the game on the joinDota Twitch channel.

It's a big game for Pretty Boxes Reformed and they need your support. Come and join us in the Luckbox Discord server to meet the team and cheer them on on Sunday.

The rosters

Pretty Boxes Reformed

  • LightWartrick (Onehitermn)
  • Eriboz
  • NeoGarfield
  • Sir Legend
  • Jaster

Straßendota e.V

  • Basher-52
  • CraVe
  • Miss_Snowfox
  • Pain Rhino

Win the arcana of your choice offered by Jaster

Jaster is giving away the arcana of your choice in normal quality (Excl. IO and Earthshaker) if you find the correct number of kills Pretty Boxes Reformed will get vs Straßendota e.V.

To play, just enter the Arcana contest here and join our Discord server at the end of the form.


A few rules

  • One entry per person.
  • If no one guesses the right number of kills, the closest players to the correct number of kills will be drawn.
  • The item will be in your Steam wallet within 7 days of the confirmation of your win.


10 EUR
25 EUR
50 EUR
100 EUR
200 EUR
500 EUR
1000 EUR