MIBR vs Team Liquid in ECS Season 7, Series 4 NA final

Series Four ECS Season 7 is coming to a close and we’ve got a stonking match up for you to enjoy as the climax of the North American action. World number two Team Liquid take on former major champions MIBR in what could be a genuine classic, at least as far as online play goes, and the result is not easy to predict. MIBR have shown obvious flaws in recent times, sure, but Team Liquid are just as easy to critique, making this an intriguing and potentially unpredictable series for Luckbox to preview.

MIBR vs Team Liquid is scheduled to start at 10pm BST / 11pm CEST.

ECS NA: MIBR vs Team Liquid live streams, expected rosters and betting odds



On the face of things, MIBR have won a lot of their recent series and look as though they have found a bit of form, but if you delve deeper there are some serious cracks in the foundations of this team. Their work marketing the brand for Immortals has been stellar, but their recent victories came at the expense of compLexity, Isurus, Singularity and eUnited, with only Isurus vanquished in two maps. Meanwhile, encounters with the likes of Liquid, NRG and even Luminsoty have seen this MIBR team lose 2-0 in bo3, to contrast against 2-0 wins over Fnatic and Mousesports.

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What makes those results different is the fact they are basically only doing well against new or unstable rosters, at least when playing people on their level. Their last win over the North Americans came on 21st October last year, with two bo3s and two Blast Pro bo1s going in the NA side’s favour since then. Recently coldzera and FalleN have started to perform a bit, but it’s nowhere near consistent yet, and the likes of fer, felps and TACO need to step up in a big way.


Team Liquid

According to SPUNJ, Team Liquid could well be the people’s champions, which would be an interesting position for one of the wealthiest teams in the world that constantly choke in the big moments. According to most other CSGO analysts, they are probably the world’s most talented five man roster, and with the addition of Stewie2k in place of TACO at the start of the year extended their threat to all five men being capable in the biggest clutches.

Recent results favour Team Liquid in this game, and what makes them so dangerous is the fact you can’t rely on shutting down one man to win the game. Versus Na’Vi, or even MIBR, you know that if you can dull the crown jewel then the set will lose it’s value, but when you face Team Liquid you can kill any three and still be left in a challenging spot against two insane NA talents. If Liquid lose this series they will be disappointed, but when you face a team like MIBR that is always a possibility, regardless of how good you may be.

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MIBR vs Team Liquid selected betting odds

Match winner

  • MIBR - 2.9
  • Team Liquid - 1.35

Correct score

  • Team Liquid 2:0 - 2.12
  • Team Liquid 0:2 MiBR - 6
  • Team Liquid 2:1 MiBR - 3.1
  • Team Liquid 1:2 MiBR - 5

Total maps - over / under 2.5

  • Over -2.12
  • Under - 1.66

Odds correct at time of publishing. Visit our matches page for MIBR vs Team Liquid markets.


Image: Bart Oerbekke/ESL

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