MDL Chengdu Major predictions

The first Major of the new Dota Pro Circuit season starts on Saturday, November, 16th, so it's time to share the latest MDL Chengdu Major predictions.

Members of the Luckbox community post their esports betting tips in our Discord server and Immortal-level Dota 2 player Onehitermn has picked out his day-one selections.

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Without further ado, here's Onehitermn's MDL Chengdu Major predictions...

Group A

EHOME vs Fighting PandaS - 3am CET

We are finally going to see the TI6 winners duo again! Also they recently added vtFαded to the stack. EHOME have played many matches up to now, but they haven’t showed a lot of picks in the small Chinese tournaments as they keep picking Chaos Knight for vtFαded.

This might give them an advantage since we have no great idea what teams will pick.

Fighting PandaS performed very poorly in DreamLeague Season 12 and, therefore, i will pick Ehome to win this match.

Prediction: EHOME to win
Confidence: 4.5/5
Your turn: Watch the stream, make your predictions

Group B

Alliance vs Fnatic - 3am CET

The good thing about Alliance is they have Nikobaby, which is helping the team shine at the moment. I don’t think Limmp will stand a chance in the mid lane against Moon, which will lead to Fnatic’s early momentum.

Picture: Copyright ESL / Bart Oerbekke

Though they have a young carry player, “23 savage” it’s common for carry players to like to farm so it wouldn’t be a big surprise if Fnatic plays four-man around each other.

I expect Alliance to play similarly, because they need to secure the space Nikobaby needs to win the game.

I believe it’s too hard for Nikobaby to win against Iceiceice and Moon in early game and later 23 savage that will come online when has finished items. As a result, I believe in Fnatic to take this series.

Prediction: Fnatic to win
Confidence: 3.5/5
Your turn: Watch the stream, make your predictions

Group C

Team Liquid vs Aster - 10am CET

Liquid have underperformed for sometime. No one knows if they will show another side of themselves or if they will continue to play poorly, as the have done recently.

The new team Aster have finally been able to qualify for a tournament and this is big news for Newbee fans.

Picture: Copyright ESL / Helena Kristiansson

SCCC will play carry for Aster, while they have the Malaysian pub star ChYuan who is set to play in his first major.

Furthermore, we are also going to see one of the former greatest position 4 players, “Boboka” - I hope he will be able to put on a good show like he did at the Dota Asia Championship in 2017.

Prediction: Aster to beat Team Liquid
Confidence: 3/5
Your turn: Watch the stream, make your predictions

Group D

Gambit vs J.Storm - 10 am CET

J.Storm are a decent team but their recent results don't really show that.

Gambit enjoyed very good results at ESL Hamburg where they almost beat TNC in the grand final, losing narrowly 3-2. With this in mind, I can’t see J.storm beat Gambit

Prediction: Gambit to beat J.Storm
Confidence: 4.5/5
Your turn: Watch the stream, make your predictions

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