Major tournaments of September 2022

They say it's the calm before the storm. Worlds 2022 will begin at the end of September, and The International 2022 will begin in October. However, it is not very quiet this month either as great tournaments are waiting for us.

Today, we will take a look at the important tournaments of September and look at the details of them.

ESL Pro League Season 16 (CS:GO)

For those who don't know, the ESL Pro League series is one of CS:GO's most popular tournament series. In fact, ESL Pro League Season 16 kicked off on August 31 and has already managed to get the CS:GO fans on-screen. The event, held in Malta, will continue until October 2.

In addition to the $835,000 prize pool, 24 participating teams will compete for BLAST Premier points. Also, the champion of the tournament will qualify directly for BLAST Premier: World Final 2022 and IEM Katowice 2023. With this aspect, the tournament has a very vital value. It will be a tournament that CS:GO fans should definitely not miss.

Credit: ESL

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VALORANT Champions 2022 (VALORANT)

Another important tournament that started yesterday is VALORANT Champions 2022. 16 leading VALORANT teams are meeting in Istanbul for this amazing competition. The group stage of the event, held at Volkswagen Arena, is currently being played and the grand final date is September 18.

If you are a VALORANT fan, you should definitely not miss VALORANT's most prestigious tournament series. VALORANT Champions 2022 awaits you in all its glory.

European Masters Summer 2022 (League of Legends)

The month of September will not be empty for League of Legends lovers. European Masters Summer 2022 will set the pulses for Worlds 2022. Although we cannot see the leading League of Legends teams in the huge tournament with 28 teams, there are teams that can gather most League of Legends fans on the screen with their fan base.

European Masters Summer 2022 with a prize pool of €150,000 is held online. The tournament started on August 24, and will end on September 25, four days before Worlds 2022 begins.

The International 2022 qualifiers (Dota 2)

The International 2022, one of the most prestigious tournaments of Dota 2 and even the entire esports industry, will kick off on October 15th. Of the 20 participating teams on their path to claim the Aegis, 12 teams were determined as a result of the Dota Pro Circuit.

Eliminations will be held in 6 different regions for the remaining 8 teams. One team from each region will receive a direct The International 2022 ticket, while the second and third teams from the region will qualify for the last chance qualifier. Lastly, two teams from the last Chance qualifier will qualify for The International 2022. Thus, the 20 teams that will take part in the competition on the way to Aegis will be determined.

12 teams will each compete in each of the North America, South America and Western Europe qualifiers. There are 13 teams each in the China and Southeast Asia qualifiers. Lastly, in Eastern Europe, 14 teams will compete to take part in The International 2022.

2022 Honor of Kings Challenger Cup (Honor of Kings)

The last tournament we will talk about is the 2022 Honor of Kings Challenger Cup. It is scheduled to begin on September 13. The grand final will be played on October 6. The prize pool of the tournament, which will include 14 teams, is 3,500,000 CNY ($507,890).

Before the massive tournament, the Honor of Kings World Champion Cup 2022 begins, and it will be an opportunity not to be missed for those who want to instill themselves the Honor of Kings hype.

We have compiled five amazing tournaments for you in five different games. Which tournaments are you planning to follow? Stay tuned to Luckbox for the latest on these tournaments and more.