The Luckbox Podcast: ESL's plans to revolutionise esports viewing

A funding boost secured in part by ESL has the potential to change the way we experience esports, according to ESL UK managing director James Dean. We were lucky enough to be joined by James for the latest episode of The Luckbox Podcast, alongside regular host Sujoy Roy, and he outlined the potential plans for the £8m funding secured by the group including ESL, and how it could change esports viewing long-term.

The group, known as The Weavr Consortium, and consisting of ESL, York University, dock10, Cybula, Focal Point VR & Rewind will operate a £5.8m project over two years, £4m of which is funded by UK Research and Innovation. While they may sound like the front for a villain in the latest Bond film, it seems what they really want to do is make sure your esports viewing experience is as personalised and tailored to you as possible, something a lot of fans can get behind.

The full show is well worth a watch - or listen - if you want an idea of what might be possible for the likes of ESL and Luckbox in the future. Combining AR, VR and the existing framework for consuming esports content could give fans never-before seen options when enjoying a game, not to mention placing a bet, with the level of integrated information able to grow almost exponentially.

There is a lot more to enjoy in the show, as is always the case, and we’d like to extend a massive thanks to James for coming along to talk with Sujoy. After seeing what RFRSH have been able to achieve in Denmark with a much smaller funding boost, this project certainly has everyone at Luckbox excited, with the premier TOs in esports well-placed to revolutionise the viewing experience if all goes well.

The Luckbox Podcast is an esports podcast available on YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes.


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