LS joins Cloud9 as their new League of Legends Head Coach

Cloud9 has announced the new head coach of their League of Legends team: LS! After years of being a Twitter icon, coaching aspiring League of Legends pro players and creating tons of controversies on Twitter, LS has finally landed the most important title in his career as the head coach of arguably the most successful team in North American League of Legends history.

What controversies, you say? LS has been known to have sharp opinions about most of the stuff in League of Legends, especially new changes being brought to pro play/soloq and in-game item building. Believe me when I say this, he has been in numerous arguments on Twitter, discussing stuff like whether mid laners should build Liandry’s first or Luden’s. LS now has the stage where he can show if he was right all along, or it was easy talking about these on his desk back in South Korea. This is the challenge of his life.

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League of Legends saved his life

If you knew him before, you must have heard the man saying “League of Legends saved my life” a number of times. He was on the verge of living on the streets before using his League of Legends knowledge to make a living for himself. For years, LS coached individual players, created an audience for him with Twitch streams and on Discord, and shared his insights about the game on social media.

Although he did work for some teams as an analyst, after making a name for himself, LS’ first big project in professional League of Legends was bbq Olivers. He became the first foreign coach in Korea and brought the first foreign player to Korea with him. In CK, Korea’s secondary league, LS took 3-4th place in the playoffs and then left the team, focusing on streaming once again. His coaching career didn’t end there though.

T1 controversy in 2021

After spending two years at CLG as a streamer, LS’ name was linked with T1 at the start of 2021. Let me remind you of the position T1 was at that time. They missed Worlds 2020 and lost a lot of time by trying to decide on a roster, making changes left and right. That problem went on till LCK 2021 Summer.

This truck was rented by T1 fans and parked outside of the team’s headquarters. Why? T1 being linked with LS, who was a “problematic” person and inexperienced in the eyes of T1 fans. Well, in the end, T1 brought the Worlds 2020 winning coach duo Daeny and Zefa from DAMWON Gaming in the team and LS became a streamer for the organization. There were rumors about Faker wanting LS to join the staff. We can consider those rumors to be accepted by Joe Marsh, as he said that Faker and LS look at the game from the same perspective and he would want him to be around.

Cloud9 and LS

We will find out if the fans were right or not, as LS is joining one of the biggest organizations in North America to be their new head coach. Reportedly, LS has helped Cloud9 to gather around their new roster. Note that Cloud9’s 2022 roster has 3 Korean players and Fudge in the mid lane who is a long time friend of LS’. It is perfectly natural for Cloud9 to put LS in charge of such a team. He has been working with Korean players for a long time.

Summit is coming from LCK, Berserker from T1 and Winsome from the Korean lower leagues, a place where LS has a high knowledge about. The 28 year old American coach will leave Korea after a long time to coach C9, potentially risking getting a residence in the country. He was always a fun personality, which fits Cloud9’s brand a lot, and if he proves his coaching skills here, he is surely to be a legend in League of Legends pop culture. Exciting times are ahead of us, let’s see what he is capable of.

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