LPL is heading to playoffs

With just a few matches left, LPL 2022 Spring’s regular season is over and we are heading to the playoffs ladder. Victory Five’s amazing ride didn’t go unrewarded: They have secured the first place and 8 teams are following them right behind. Only one spot is left, and it will be taken by either FunPlus Phoenix, or Oh My God.

Aside from Victory Five; Royal Never Give Up, JD Gaming, Top Esports, Weibo Gaming, LNG Esports, EDward Gaming, Bilibili Gaming and Rare Atom have found a place in the playoffs. The only “good” team that may miss playoffs will be FPX, but they have an extra match against OMG to decide their fate.

Playoffs teams

Check out the latest standings below:

Placements Teams Scores Playoffs
1 Victory Five 13-2 (27-11) Round 4
2 Royal Never Give Up 11-4 (23-13) At least Round 3
3 JD Gaming 11-5 (26-12) At least Round 3
4 Top Esports 11-5 (24-17) At least Round 2
5 Weibo Gaming 11-5 (23-16) At least Round 2
6 LNG Esports 10-5 (23-16) At least Round 1
7 EDward Gaming 10-6 (23-14) Round 1
8 Bilibili Gaming 9-7 (25-19) Round 1
9 Rare Atom 8-8 (20-18) Round 1
10 FunPlus Phoenix 7-8 (19-20) Not locked
11 Oh My God 6-7 (17-15) Not locked
12 Anyone's Legend 5-10 (14-24) Out of playoffs
13 Ultra Prime 5-11 (15-26) Out of playoffs
14 Invictus Gaming 5-11 (13-25) Out of playoffs
15 Team WE 4-12 (14-26) Out of playoffs
16 LGD Gaming 3-13 (13-29) Out of playoffs
17 ThunderTalk Gaming 3-13 (11-29) Out of playoffs



Victory Five, with their Karsa and Rookie, are definitely the best team in LPL 2022 thus far. They have absolutely deserved their success during the regular season and everyone expects them to stay as good during the playoffs as well. With quite a few weapons, V5 is well-suited for Bo5 playoffs matches.

With one of the strongest rosters in the league, RNG also finished at the top of the league. Taking Xiaohu back to mid lane, bringing such a good top laner as Bin and utilizing their already great jungler and bot laners, RNG had a splendid season.

They are followed by Top Esports, JD Gaming and Weibo Gaming. Weibo started the season quite strong, but a few losses in a row against their championship rivals made the gap between them and V5 wider than ever. TOP and JDG started very poorly, where everyone thought they might even miss the playoffs. However, in the end they finished even better than EDG.

LNG Esports and EDward Gaming are the flashy starters of LPL 2022 Spring, but they fell behind. Especially after getting bested by V5, both teams found themselves below where they aimed at.

Bilibili Gaming reintroduced Uzi in the middle of the split, but that wasn’t enough to keep them in higher place. They will join the ladder from quite a bad position, but they have the weapons to upset the big guys. They are followed by Rare Atom, with iBoy and yuyanjia, they have a mediocre roster that showed a good improvement during the season to make it to the playoffs.

Oh My God, defeating all the low-tier teams in the league took them into the playoffs, but they have to defeat FunPlus Phoenix, their biggest challenge yet. Because of the Covid-19 cases in the team they have yet to play against LNG or RNG. However, if they defeat FPX, they both stay at 7-9 and OMG will advance.

FPX introduced Clid rather late in the season, but he helped his team improve a lot. Although FPX still couldn’t challenge big guys like V5, they were able to steal one from RNG and BLG, which helped them get to where they are right now.

LPL 2022 Spring Playoffs

Check out the schedule for the remaining matches in the regular season:

Victory Five (1.08) vs Anyone’s Legend (6.60) - Wednesday, 23 March at 10:00 CET
FunPlus Phoenix (1.65) vs Oh My God (2.10) - Wednesday, 23 March at 12:00 CET
LNG Esports (1.35) vs Oh My God (3.00) - Thursday, 24 March at 12:00 CET
Oh My God (4.00) vs RNG (1.20) - Friday, 24 March at 12:00 CET

LPL shared the official playoffs ladder at the tweet below where you can also find the schedule in CET:

Victory Five and presumably RNG will have a second chance if they lose in the first match. However, the other teams have to climb up to semifinals to create such a chance. LPL’s ladder is one of the hardest, but also rewards regular season success a lot.

Additionally, Victory Five is heading to the playoffs as the favourites. They will be challenged by RNG, TES, JDG and WBG initially, but down the ladder, there are dangerous teams like LNG, EDG and BLG. Before V5 and the second place of the league faces them however, these teams will fight amongst themselves, and only two of them will survive for the final four action.

After the two King of the Hill brackets and the double elimination bracket in the second phase end, the champion will be crowned in the grand final on April 10. That champion will represent the region at MSI 2022, and secure the prize of ¥2,000,000, approximately $314,693.

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