LPL 2022 Spring Season is coming

League of Legends’ competitive season is about to start, and one of the best leagues of the game, China’s LPL is ready for the action! With 17 teams fighting for the prize and some really old names changing their colours, this year’s LPL is going to be something different. Keep your eyes on LPL, and get whatever information you need right here.

Last years’ champion and Worlds 2021 winner EDward Gaming is coming into the new year with the same roster, making it clear that they are the favourites here once again. Just like 2021 though, EDG will have strong competition, and LPL is ready to give you what it promises: peak League of Legends.

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Some thoughts before LPL

We’ve discussed some of the most exciting rosters of the LPL 2022 Spring Season, like Bilibili Gaming and we will probably keep focusing on some of them. Check out that article on Luckbox, which also explains Uzi being back.

As mentioned earlier, EDG is the favourite here. They kept their five-man roster, Flandre, Jiejie, Scout, Viper and Meiko, and they are already one of the best teams in the world. EDG had strong opponents last year, and they will have it this year too.

Bilibili Gaming has a great roster with known LPL names, Breathe, Weiwei, FoFo, Uzi, Doggo and Crisp. This attempt at a superteam could pay BLG greatly, or prove to be a poor decision and deflate very fast, just as FPX had problems at Worlds 2021 Group Stage.

Talking about FunPlus Phoenix, they’ve officially announced their latest transfer, Clid, who left Gen.G very late and had problems finding a team. Clid joined xiaolaohu, Beichuan, Gori, Lwx and Hang, a team that looks a little bit behind EDG and BLG, but they definitely have the potential to do more.

Another super team is definitely Royal Never Give Up. Bringing Bin to top lane and sending Xiaohu back to mid lane, RNG is ready for 2022. Xiaohu improved himself and showed he is able to lead his team to glory like a captain. He will be very valuable for the team as Cryin proved to lack what RNG needed.

Top Esports, winners of the Demacia Cup, also has a strong five. Zoom, Tian, knight, Jackeylove and Zhuo, TES has a team filled with superstars. Another surprise of the year was Victory Five’s new roster which included IG’s icon Rookie. With Rich, Karsa, Photic and ppgod, Victory Five has a strong chance, and you can check our comments about them on this article.

Other names that deserve mentioning include JD Gaming and Weibo Gaming. Suning became Weibo, and they lost Bin to RNG this offseason, but they filled his place with veteran TheShy. Joining SofM, Angel, huanfeng, ON and SwordArt who came back to the team, they are a championship contender once again. JDG has 369, Kanavi, Yagao, Hope, Lpc and Missing with Homme coaching them. Last year was a disappointment for JDG, so hopefully they can show something different for their fans this year.

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Who has the best shot at winning the LPL?

Last year, Royal Never Give Up won the Spring Season and EDward Gaming won Summer. At Summer Season, EDG had a strong opponent in FPX, but they managed to beat them anyway. Viper was in a rare form and he was the duo Scout waited for so long at EDG. RNG on the other hand lost their form at the start of the split, and they didn’t have enough time to get things together for being the champions.

Summer Season is over, Worlds 2021 is over and Demacia Cup is over, everything starts over and nothing from 2021 matters now. Everyone has a shot, several teams look great, but LPL has seen super teams break and more humble teams defeat them. It is the best league in the world of League of Legends, and you should keep an eye on it.

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