LPL 2022 Spring Playoffs are started

LPL 2022 Spring Playoffs started this week and it’s on fire as the teams will play a match every other day before the grand final. The tight schedule, thanks to the Asian Games isn’t helping anyone’s chances, and while they already fight hard every year, LPL teams have to bring their performances even further to survive this exhausting schedule.

The first round was played this weekend: Bilibili Gaming took down their weak opponent Rare Atom and EDward Gaming bested FunPlus Phoenix. However, the series that was played today saw a strong show-up from Top Esports, where Bilibili found themselves out of the playoffs.

The matches of the first weekend

LPL 2022 Spring Playoffs took off with Bilibili vs Rare Atom. The first game showed a great performance from the RA side, with the Leyan & Strive duo once again dominating the Rift and getting the win for their team. However, Bilibili Gaming took control from that point on.

First, they win every single lane and utterly crush Rare Atom with Renata Glasc. Following that, they keep the Leblanc and Aphelios, finding yet another easy win. Rare Atom banned LB and Aphelios the next game but it wasn’t enough, as this time, they used Zoe and Jinx to crush RA’s hopes of advancing in the playoffs. These three games each took less than 30 minutes for BLG to finish.

EDG then participated in a series where they were heavily favored. Scout’s classic playoffs form kicked in, and together with Flandre and Viper, they started very strong. Although FPX answered the next game, Scout was still 7-3-3 with Azir. The superstar mid laner carried his team with Ryze and Twisted Fate the following games, and he definitely proved that he deserves to be at the top once again, while EDG, as a whole, showed their teeth.

Round 2 of the playoffs started today with Top Esports vs Bilibili Gaming. After a shockingly good performance from Bilibili Gaming in the first game with Renata Glasc, TES vs BLG became another 3-1 series. knight and JackeyLove took the responsibility of helping their team get to victory, and they managed it with three stomps.

Next up in playoffs

After these three games, EDward Gaming will face TheShy’s Weibo Gaming in the second round. However, the winner of that series will move on to play JD Gaming before they can secure participating in the double elimination bracket that is to come after the first phase of the playoffs. Check out the schedule below:

Round 2
Weibo Gaming (2.35) vs EDward Gaming (1.52) - Tuesday, March 29 at 11:00 CET

Round 3
LNG Esports vs Top Esports - Wednesday, March 30 at 11:00 CET
JD Gaming vs WBG/EDG - Thursday, March 31 at 11:00 CET

After having played a BO5 just two days ago, EDG will definitely have a hard time against such a good team as Weibo Gaming. Generally, the teams that join the latest earn the right to participate in the second phase of the playoffs in the LPL, so their chances are low, but even if WBG win, they don’t look great for the match against JDG either. It’s going to be an exhausting experience for these teams.

The same goes to Top Esports. They were able to defeat Bilibili that played a four game long series just two days ago easily, but can they repeat that against LNG, one of the best teams from the regular season? That’s a tough question and TES has to answer correctly.

If you are interested in LPL, watch the games and if you have your favourites, place your bets on Luckbox.