Love is the key: Best fairplays on esports

Since sports is not only a competition between teams or individuals but also between sportsmanship and fairness, the esports stage has also seen plenty of wonderful moments from professional players. Even if they were very close to winning at some point, they stayed fair and wanted to win the game in a correct way.

We present you the best moments of sportsmanship that the history of esports has ever seen. Let us take a look at these 9 games that refreshed our hearts with good feelings.

1- TaZ talks to the crowd booing Olofmeister:

Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas, the Polish Counter-Strike:Global Offensive player, is known for his great personality that he always shows to his fans. In the ESEA Season 18: Global Invite Division Final he showed us how great he is.

Credit: Dreamhack

After losing to in the final, Olofmeister talked about how the game went in an interview. The crowd started booing the Dane and would not let him talk. At this point player TaZ came on stage and asked the crowd to at least respect the finalist. Olofmeister was then able to finish his speech.

2-Stark's respect to ALTERNATE aTTaX:

In the GG League organized in Poland, x-kom Team player Krzysztof "Stark" Lewandrowski showed a good example of sportsmanship.

Credit: AVEZ Sport

The winner of the Good Game League 2018 Finals was x-kom Team, after they won against ALTERNATE aTTax with 2-1 on Mirage and Train maps. When Stark was given the right to speak, he did not forget to congratulate his rivals and mention how good they were.

3- SK lifting the trophy with other teams:

When SK Gaming got their trophy at SXSW Gaming 2018, the final stage showed in a different way that fair play and respect are more important than a game.

Credit: Turtle Entertainment

SK Gaming players called other professional players to the stage to share their joy of victory, including players from Nova Esports, Tribe Gaming, Immortals, Team Liquid, and Team Queso.

4- s1mple's outside advantage:

Another pro known for his respectful personality, CS:GO player s1mple, proves why people love him so much.

Credit: StarLadder

While the ESL One Cologne 2018 quarterfinals were taking place between Fnatic and Na'Vi, a spectator scam occurred. While s1mple was the only Na'Vi player left, he learnt the location of his opponent by seeing it reflect on glass. Instead of using it, he showed the player's place with his weapon and gave up his advantage.

5-TaZ respects his rival Astralis:

We have already talked about how TaZ is one of the most respectful players in esports history. He did not surprise us again with the respect he showed to his rival.

Credit: ESL Gaming GmbH

After getting a win against one of the most famous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams Astralis, decided to let TaZ give a speech about the victory and how the match went. Instead of talking about himself and his team, TaZ spent his time saying how great Astralis was and how they play against each other.

6- SKT calls Bangkok Titans to the stage:

When we talk about League of Legends, SKT is one of the teams that has contributed greatly to esports.

Credit: Riot Games

The SKT team felt like they missed the Worlds since they were not on the Worlds stage for a year until 2015 and won again after disappearing for a year. The most interesting point of the final was that when they won the trophy, they did not forget to call their rival Bangkok Titans as it was also a great historical event for them to reach this stage.

7-Cloud9 accepts to participate in the round again:

Katowice 2018 quarterfinals saw a couple of respectable and sporty professional players on their stage, who taught us a lesson on how to be fair even if you are on a final stage.

Credit: Turtle Entertainment

When the 27th round started, Cloud9 players managed to catch FaZe Clan player GuardiaN who had a problem and was kicked out of the game in the very first seconds. When the game resumed, FaZe Clan players reported the situation and Cloud9 players agreed to play the round again.

8- TaZ wants the audience to shout for SK Gaming:

Are you surprised to see this name again? We think not. TaZ has consistently taught everyone in the esports industry a lesson about being more than just a player.

Credit: StarLadder

TaZ's team managed to defeat SK Gaming in the semi-finals of the ELEAGUE Major 2017. As people congratulated the players from SK Gaming, TaZ himself showed up and asked the crowd to make even more noise for their rival.

9-The mistake of s1mple:

One of the biggest players, s1mple, provided another respectful moment at Dreamhack 2018 Marseille, reporting a bug within the match instead of using it.

Credit: ESL Gaming GmbH

In the match between Astralis and Na'Vi at Dreamhack 2018 Marseille, s1mple could see the radar from the reflection and he did not want to win the match this way and become a cheater, so he decided to inform the officials about the situation and showed a good example of fair play.

All these moments make esports more than great. Besides, showing sportsmanship has always been a good sign of admiration and respect for the players, especially when it's not so obvious to people what's going on.

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