LOUD wins VALORANT Champions 2022 in Istanbul

The second VALORANT Champions tournament is over, and Brazil’s LOUD brought the first international trophy home. While LOUD was relevant all year long, this achievement marks the start of the Brazilian influence in international VALORANT esports, similar to the country’s successful streak in CS:GO.

After a strong group stage performance where they barely missed first place, LOUD went on to have a great upper bracket run without dropping a single map until the grand finals. Defeating their nemesis, OpTic Gaming, LOUD both won the Champions 2022 trophy and the rivalry between these two teams.

LOUD’s road to the grand final

We already published an article covering the story of LOUD in 2022 before, make sure to check that one out:

After getting placed in the same group as their long-standing nemesis OpTic Gaming, LOUD managed to make it to the playoffs by taking down ZETA DIVISION twice, but they lost first place to OpTic. Considering OPTC’s incredible performance, we all knew that LOUD would have to face their nightmare again if they were to win the championship.

The first part of the journey was decided by comebacks. LOUD managed to come back from a 12-6 against Leviatán and a 9-3 against DRX, securing the 2-0 against both teams to make it to the upper finals. The fact that every single one of the players in the team have a strong aim and mentality made them the clutch kings.

Defeating XSET, OpTic Gaming also made it to the upper bracket finals. On Bind, the first map of the series, the closest map LOUD has ever faced in the playoffs bracket was played between the two. Winning the second half 7-4, LOUD won the map and secured the advantage. Unlike their match in the group stage, LOUD didn’t let OpTic make a comeback in the series by crushing them 13-3 on Ascent, qualifying for the grand final.

OpTic would have to go through the Korean DRX, who defeated FPX before making it to the lower bracket finals. The first best-of-five of the Champions 2022 went super close, OpTic dominated the first two maps and DRX answered by dominating the next two maps. In fifth, it was a bloodbath but an overtime did not happen: yay’s 23-12 Chamber took responsibility and carried his team to the grand final.

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LOUD vs OpTic: the end of VCT 2022

Considering how influential both these teams were and the rivalry between them in 2022, it was a fitting end for the year. LOUD and OpTic faced each other in Istanbul, with the audience being heavily leaned towards OpTic Gaming’s side. Ashnikko kicked the finals off with an amazing performance of Fire Again, the official song of Champions 2022.

Although LOUD was the team coming from the upper bracket, OpTic Gaming was still the favourite. Thus, it was incredibly important for LOUD to start strong and kill OpTic’s confidence from the beginning. After 12-8, LOUD did not let OpTic finish Ascent, took it to overtime, and won the map 15-13. Considering how many comebacks they pulled this tournament and won the series eventually, OpTic’s players were intimidated for sure.

On Bind, OpTic came even stronger on their own map. OpTic Bind was too strong for LOUD to give an answer, 13-6 with a 10-2 first half sealed the deal and tied the series. On Breeze, another incredibly close map was played, and it definitely affected the outcome of the series directly. OPTC couldn’t finish after taking the 12-11 advantage, and LOUD took it to overtime and won it 16-14 once again.

While they were winning Breeze, aspas had 26, Less had 23, pancada and saadhak had 21 and Sacy had 18 kills. In contrast, FNS had 8 kills and Marved scored 11 kills for OpTic, while crashies scored 24 and yay and Victor had 22. OpTic’s plan of getting yay to carry the team failed against LOUD, because any player can take the responsibility for LOUD. In my opinion, the star of the series was Sacy, a Sova player, rather than Less or aspas.

It was apparent that OpTic’s strategies wouldn’t work against LOUD because LOUD countered it by being themselves. On Haven, they pulled the plug with 13-5, and reached their first international trophy.

OpTic Gaming is still the best VALORANT team in 2022 for sure, but it was LOUD’s day. They are the perfect opponent against any team that relies on individual performances like OpTic. LOUD was perfectly crafted in terms of roster building, and they deserved this outcome: hopefully LOUD can hold on to these players before losing them to other organizations around the world.