Looking for the best gaming mouse? Check out Rocket Jump Ninja

There are tons of guides and ideas running around the internet when it comes to the best mouse. The answer is that there is no best mouse. There’s good branding, cool RGB features and all that jazz for comfort and looks. But when it all comes down, a mouse is not only as good as its user. A mouse is only as good as its user when it ‘fits’ its user – I realize I’m starting to sound like Jaqen H'ghar from GoT.

Rocket Jump Ninja is a name you’ll hear when you start searching for that forbidden nectar. Typing “best gaming mouse” into Google and realizing that you are in the Matrix and every mouse looks the same. Ultralight this, Optic that, mouses that look like a medieval ornamental weapon straight out of Holy Roman Emperor’s arsenal, that was produced in a limited number of 50, with real diamonds and a price tag of $100,000:

Image credit: Finalmouse

(Bestest mouse. jk.)

Who is Rocket Jump Ninja?

Back on topic; Mouse Guru/Connoisseur/expert and recently mouse designer Zy “Rocket Jump Ninja” Rykoa made a name for himself as one of the few Quake Veterans (hence his nickname originating from Rocket Jumping – A classy technique that originated from Quake) that’s still around and started reviewing gaming mice back in 2015. He has over 150 mouse reviews on his channel and over 20 years in FPS games. Since he’s a Quake veteran don’t expect to see him in liquidpedia pages and in esports rosters. He’s old-school like that.

What makes him an expert reviewer

If you are looking for an expert when it comes to picking a mouse he’s your go-to guy. Go to, as in go to his YT channel. What sets him apart from other reviews on the internet is that he has a systematic approach to reviewing mice. Instead of simply saying that this mouse is good or bad because of its material or sensor quality.  He will get into the details of grip types, decibels, whether the back of the mouse is touching your palm or not depending on your hand shape.

He also doesn’t care about if a mouse has RGB or not, which is a good sign.

Image credit: Rocket Mouse Ninja

He goes in depth and has a chart that he uses to which mouse models are good for exclusively fingertip grip users…

Or how much decibel a click makes if you are living in a library and competing in esports at the same time and do not want to disturb anyone.

Image credit: Rocket Mouse Ninja

Aside from going into the minuscule details about what makes a particular gaming mouse good for whichever grip style and hand size, he also delves into mouse pads and accessories and even healthy sitting positions that won’t disturb your aim.

His own mouse

Recently he designed his own mouse in collaboration with xtrfy, and his design proved so good that pros such as TenZ of Valorant (Ex CSGO pro) switched his mouse for Ninja’s design.

His design, namely Zy’s Rail in homage to Quake’s railgun:

Image credit: xtrfy

Since all gaming mice are so good now, what next?

If you are into competitive gaming a mouse that suits you will be one of your primary concerns and if you don’t want to go for the trial and error method and burn your money in the process. I’d recommend to every esports and competitive gaming fan to take a look at his channel before making a choice. I’m personally thinking about switching my good old trusty Logitech G403 to his design in the near future.

There’s also an interactive mouse searcher on his personal site that you can use to find a mouse for your hand size, right-left hand choice, and your personal grip which I recommend you to use if you get lost in his channel. Here’s his guide to using it:

Rule of thumb when it comes to gaming mice

If it’s too much research for you and you just want a rule of thumb when you want to pick a gaming mouse for yourself, the toughest mouse critic in the world states that:

"If you want to aim your best, you need a shape that doesn't hinder your movement. The shape is king. “

He also says that RGB is a must. If it doesn’t have rainbows beaming out of it it’s not a good mouse and it must have the colour scheme of Fortnite… Sorry for the cheap jokes, he didn’t say that.

I hope that this article alleviates some of your thirst for knowledge when it comes to finding the “best” gaming mouse that’s also meant for “you”. Recent mouse designs have become so good with their sensors and durable-lightweight designs, now it has become even harder to pick a mouse because they all claim that they are the best. Most of the time they are too. But with different sizes, heights and widths it all comes to individual preference and minuscule details. This is the era of mouse perfection an era of mouse renaissance.

When you need to delve deeper he’s your go-to mouse guru and I’m sure in the near future we’ll see an extensive market on custom-designed mice for pros just like the custom keyboard market that made it into mainstream esports with the success of custom keyboard weaponsmith ‘Taeha’ Kim.

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