London may host the 2024 World Championship

The League of Legends World Championship (Worlds) is reportedly "very likely" to take place in London this year, almost a decade after the tournament last took place in the UK capital.

Worlds 2024 may take place in London

That's according to a report from Esports News UK, who, following conversations with various stakeholders, believe that it is very likely that this year's Worlds will take place in London. However, the report notes that this is not set in stone. Esports News UK has had prior success in predicting such things, having correctly called that MSI 2023 would take place in London.

The report claims that League of Legends developer Riot Games is in discussions with the UK government, as well as bodies such as  London & Partners and the Greater London Authority.

A source has suggested that London will host the final weeks of Worlds 2024, taking place in the O2 Arena, with other stages of the event taking place across the world in Paris, Berlin, and Barcelona. However, the report notes that this is speculation, as the same source once incorrectly stated that this year's MSI would take place in Wembley - when in fact it was hosted in the Copper Box Arena.

Worlds 2023 will take place in South Korea

Speaking to Esports News UK, London & Partners provided the following statement:

“We are not aware of any decisions that have been made for the 2024 season, but we’d be delighted to continue to support Riot Games.”

Another source claimed that Worlds 2024 taking place in London is a "real possibility," following the success of MSI 2023 - which took place in London's Copper Box Arena from May 2-21. Given how smoothly that tournament went, with JD Gaming being crowned the ultimate winner, London & Partners are reportedly "very keen" to work with Riot Games again.

Worlds 2023, however, is due to take place in South Korea from October 10th to November 19th 2023. So we have a good few months of League of Legends action until that kicks off - which you can follow along with via our League of Legends match schedule. Just remember to claim your free 100% bonus before you bet on League of Legends!