LoL Worlds predictions: Boukev's best bets

The main event of the LoL Worlds 2019 gets under way on Saturday, October 12th and Luckbox community member and League of Legends fan Boukev has shared his predictions. You can make your own LoL Worlds predictions for the chance to win real money at Luckbox

While we did see some surprising results in the play-in stage, the final outcome of the play-in stage was textbook unoriginal.

All pool one teams ended up first in their group an won their knockout matches, all pool two teams ended second and all pool three teams ended last.


This means we are seeing familiar names and faces in the Worlds 2019 standings main tournament. While I always like seeing surprise underdogs fighting in a main tournament the overall level of teams is extremely high. All four main stage groups now have strong teams.


All Worlds 2019 live streams are on the Luckbox tournament page.


Day three: Monday, October 14th

Invictus Gaming vs DAMWON Gaming

The weekend matches are done as we look the matchups in day three. Let's get the obvious picks out of the way. Team Liquid should have no trouble against ahq e-Sports Club and G2 Esports should be able to deal with Cloud9. As for my bets, I am looking at the matchup between Invictus Gaming and DAMWON Gaming. Looking at the current form I would give Invictus Gaming the upper hand. While their victory against Team Liquid was very close, they still showed better performance than Damwon against the same team.

Boukev's best bet: Invictus Gaming to win versus DAMWON Gaming @1.5x - bet now

J Team vs GAM Esports

Since most other matches having a strong favorite team to win, I am looking at GAM Esports vs J Team for a closer matchup. It's the battle of the Vietnamese versus the Taiwanese champions. J Teams has had a surprise win against FunPlus Phoenix on day one, so I would not be surprised if they continue their victories. The marines of GAM esports have been an outside pick for many but my eyes have been on J team from the start. Let's hope they can keep up their momentum.

Boukev's best bet: J Team to win versus GAM Esports @1.5x - bet now

Day one: Saturday, October 12th

Team Liquid vs DAMWON Gaming

Team Liquid probably had a long time to prepare for this match. DAMWON were the clear favorites to reach the main stage and also seemed like the most important team to strategise against.

The play-in stage performance of DAMWON didn't really show any major weaknesses, losing just one map.

Yet Team Liquid should have studied the matches closely and might have found a win opportunity. I would rank the power of these teams around seventh to eighth place of the main stage which would give them fairly similar odds against each other. While DAMWON are favorites, I will take a bet on a Team Liquid victory for 2.3x odds.

Boukev's best bet: Team Liquid to win versus DAMWON gaming @2.3 - bet now

GAM esports vs Splyce

In this Vietnam versus EU matchup the odds are in favor of Splyce to win. GAM esports (Gygabite Marines) have been known for constant roster shuffling since mid 2017 but have had a successful team in the VCS for the summer season of 2019.

While Splyce aren't the most consistent roster either they do have more experience in a stronger competition. Looking at the power of both teams I would rank GAM esports as the bottom team on par with the strength of ahq esports club, while Splyce could be ranked around 11th place of the current 16 teams. I would expect Splyce to win this match.

Boukev's best bet: Splyce to win versus GAM esports @1.5 - bet now

Picture: LoL Esports / Flickr