LoL Worlds 2019 main stage groups confirmed

The League of Legends World Championship main stage groups have now been confirmed.

With the play-in stage complete, we now know the Worlds 2019 main stage groups and full Worlds 2019 schedule.

Hong Kong Attitude, Splyce, Clutch and DAMWON were the teams to successfully make it thorough the play-ins and all upcoming matches and LoL Worlds 2019 live streams are available on the Luckbox tournament page.

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Worlds 2019 main stage groups

October 12th to October 20th, Verti Music Hall, Berlin


Four groups of four teams play a best-of-one double round-robin format, with the top two teams from each group progressing to the knockout stage.

Group A

  • G2 Esports
  • Griffin
  • Cloud9
  • Hong Kong Attitude

Group B

  • FunPlus Phoenix
  • J Team
  • GAM Esports
  • Splyce

Group C

  • SK Telecom T1
  • Royal Never Give Up
  • Clutch Gaming

Group D

  • Team Liquid
  • ahq e-Sports Club
  • Invictus Gaming
  • DAMWON Gaming


Play-in groups

October 2nd to October 8th, LEC Studio, Berlin


The first phase of play-ins sees four groups of three teams play a best-of-one double round-robin format, with the bottom team in each group elminated.

The second phase sees the top team from each group face a second-placed team from another group face off in a best-of-five match. Four winners go to the main event, tour losers go home.

After the final play-in game on October 8th the successful teams will be drawn into the already existing groups.

Group A

  • Clutch Gaming
  • Unicorns of Love

Group B

  • Splyce
  • Isurus Gaming
  • DetonatioN FM

Group C

  • Hong Kong Attitude
  • Lowkey Esports
  • MEGA

Group D

  • DAMWON Gaming
  • Royal Youth
  • Flamengo eSports

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Play-in and group stage teams

The 24 teams at the LoL Worlds 2019 were finalised after qualifying was complete.

Play-in stage teams

Pool 1

  1. Clutch Gaming (North America)
  2. DAMWON Gaming (Korea)
  3. HongKong Attitude (LMS)
  4. Splyce (Europe)

Pool 2

  1. Lowkey Esports (Vietnam)
  2. MEGA (Southeast Asia)
  3. Royal Youth (Turkey)
  4. Unicorns of Love (CIS)

Pool 3

  1. DetonatioN FM (Japan)
  2. Flamengo Esports (Brazil)
  3. Isurus Gaming (Latin America)
  4. MAMMOTH (Oceana)

Main event group stage teams

Pool 1

  1. FunPlus Phoenix (China)
  2. G2 Esports (Europe)
  3. SK Telecom T1 (Korea)
  4. Team Liquid (North America)

Pool 2

  1. ahq e-Sports Club (LMS)
  2. Cloud9 (North America)
  3. Fnatic (Europe)
  4. GAM Esports (Vietnam)
  5. Griffin (Korea)
  6. Invictus Gaming (China)
  7. J Team (LMS)
  8. Royal Never Give Up (China)


Picture: LoL Esports / Flickr