LoL Worlds 2019 day four predictions from Boukev

The League of Legends World Championships are hotting up nicely in Berlin and ahead of day four, Luckbox community member Boukev has shared his latest LoL Worlds 2019 predictions

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Boukev's day four predictions

Day four of this double-round-robin format is probably one of the most interesting to predict. We have seen teams match up against all other teams in the group except for their current opponent. This gives us the most indirect information to make some predictions about the outcome of the matches without having seen the actual match up.


The obvious victors of this round are SKT T1 winning versus Clutch gaming, FunPlus Phoenix winning against GAM Esports and G2 Esports winning against Hong Kong Attitude. These three teams on the losing side haven't shown me enough moments of geniality in their last few matches to support a surprise win from them.

Royal Never Give Up vs Fnatic

Looking at RNG vs Fnatic it is hard to see the favorites in this matchup. With odds of 1.4x for a Royal win the bookmakers seem to agree that Fnatic is the underdog. When I look at this tournament performance, however, I start doubting especially when I look at one of my favorite statistics - the gold lead at 25 minutes in the game. Fnatic had a 5.4k gold lead at 25 minutes versus Clutch gaming while Royal only managed a 0.8k gold lead versus Clutch gaming.

A similar scenario is seen for the matchup against SK Telecom T1; Fnatic only had a 0.7k gold deficit versus SKT while Royal already had a 4.0k gold deficit at the 25 minute mark. Part of this shows Fnatic's good early game aggression so we will have to see if they can transform this into a win versus Royal but with odds of 2.5x I am willing to take a bet.

Boukev's best bet: Fnatic to win versus Royal never give up @2.5 - bet now


Griffin Gaming vs Cloud9

The ranking seems to become pretty clear in this group A. Hong Kong Attitude are trying hard to beat Cloud9 and Griffin but couldn't clutch it out with sub 2k gold deficits at the 25 minute mark on both matches.

Meanwhile, G2 has only shown their dominance in this group by beating Cloud9 in less than 25 minutes and having an almost as easy time against Griffin gaming with a 5.5k gold lead at 25 minutes in the game.

Since Griffin gaming seem to have faired the best against both opponents I would put them as the number two team in the group trailing by Cloud9 on a close distance.

Looking at the individual performances I would believe Griffin gaming to be victorious but with odds of 3.2x on Cloud9 this could be worth a gamble. I have put my bet on Griffin this time but this could be a nice time to bet against my prediction.

Boukev's best bet: Griffin Gaming to win versus Cloud9 @1.3x - bet now

Odds are correct at the time at publishing, predictions are for guidance only.

Picture: LoL Esports / Flickr