Fans accuse bots as LoL World Championships tickets 'sold out in eight seconds'

League of Legends fans reacted angrily after tickets for the 2018 World Championships seemingly sold out within seconds.

Some suspected the work of "scalping bots" as tickets quickly appeared on resale sites, some listed for more than $900.

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The LoL World Championships play-in stage is due to begin in Seoul on October 1, with the finals due to be held on Saturday, November 3, at Incheon Munhak Stadium in Incheon.

Finals tickets went on sale via Global Interpark at 10pm PT on September 27 but were snapped up within seconds, leaving many fans disappointed and angry with publisher Riot Games.

Original listed prices ranged from 25,000 Won ($23) to 60,000 Won ($55).

Some users on Twitter vented their anger at Riot, which at the time of publishing had yet to comment.

Reddit user KamuiSeph posted: "This is ridiculous, I was waiting exactly the moment it went live. I had an account on their ticket service website and was logged in and everything and still fucking white screen full of no seats available, from five seconds in when they went live.

"This is bullshit. Riot pls, can we get like direct links to buy the tickets via DM or something? There's so many people in this thread that have plans, airfare, hotels, shit already booked.

"Instead of launching wave after wave of tickets to just be snatched up by bots. I just want one ticket... Riot pls."

Another Reddit poster, lunarmundi, wrote: "I am Korean, I live in Seoul and my ping to interpark is less than 20 ms with 1G Bit internet.

"I am 100% sure that I clicked to get the tickets on the exact moment when the tickets went live.

"The result? 0 seats! lol

"Even as Korean with good internet connection and reasonably fast hands(Plat 1 in KR server), I just don't know how people got them."

rlylost wrote: "Guys, I'm terrified. I refreshed like crazy at 9:59 to get these tickets, because we're flying out to Korea for worlds. AND everything was gone! And the few seats that were left were errored out. I don't know what to do."