LoL VCS Winter 2021 is moving on to the last week

Vietnam’s major League of Legends tournament VCS Winter 2021's regular season is coming to an end this week. The winter split, which was constructed because a summer split couldn’t be played, has introduced new teams who became new challengers for the championship, especially if you know Vietnam from the international tournaments only. Let’s see what happened last week and how the race for the championship looks like.

If you had a look at VCS Winter at any part of the competition, I know what you’re thinking of: Yes, CERBERUS Esports still leads the league without any defeat. On the bottom side of the table, Palette’s Team Flash couldn’t find any victory and lost their chances at playoffs, alongside Team Secret. Get more details of the previous week and what will happen during the last week below.

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CERBERUS kept on winning

Although they faced two of the remaining championship contenders in week four, CERBERUS defeated both of them and kept their streak going. Against Luxury, CERBERUS struggled to close the series easily and went home with a 2-1. However, their match against GAM Esports went much better for them, defeating them 2-0 and securing the first place.

Which only fired up the competition below. GAM Esports and Luxury has secured playoffs spots, but there is still more to fight for. Luxury has a chance of finishing the league in fourth place, meaning they would much likely face CERBERUS in the semifinals. On the other hand, GAM wants to show how strong they are before the playoffs by defeating Secret and Saigon Buffalo, as getting stomped by CES might have hurt their confidence.

Middle of the table is experiencing a huge fight for fourth place between Saigon Buffalo and Burst The Sky Esports. SBTC, who defeated SGB both times, is left behind as they were stuck at four wins after getting defeated by SKY in the last match of the week. Burst The Sky won all three of their games in the last week, chasing down SBTC Esports and surpassing them.

After these pentakills, things got even more interesting: they have one advantage over Saigon Buffalo after their streak. As Burst The Sky defeated Luxury, one of the championship contenders, according to both teams’ schedule, SGB will have to do the same by defeating either GAM or CERBERUS. On the other hand, SKY will also face CES on the last day of the week, but they will face the winless Team Flash first. If they defeat Team Flash, they will have the upper hand, as SGB will face CERBERUS later on the same day.

CERBERUS have left these playoffs conflicts a long time ago, but they still look very good and they wouldn’t stop showing their best on the last week in my opinion. Saigon Buffalo has a very hard task to accomplish.

Current standings and last week’s fixture at VCS Winter 2021

As mentioned earlier, the last week will host a great fight between Burst The Sky and Saigon Buffalo. They will play on the first day and the very last day of the week, which would fire up the hype. You can find the current standings to visualize things better below.






GAM Esports




Luxury Esports




Saigon Buffalo




Burst The Sky Esports




SBTC Esports




Team Secret




Team Flash



You can visit Luckbox’s LoL page to find the betting odds for the games before the end of the regular season. You can also find the schedule for the last week below and click on the links to find the match page.

Burst The Sky Esports vs Team Flash - December 14, 10.00 CET

Saigon Buffalo vs CERBERUS Esports - December 14, 13.00 CET

Luxury Esports vs SBTC Esports - December 15, 10.00 CET

Team Secret vs GAM Esports - December 15, 13.00 CET

Team Flash vs SBTC Esports - December 16, 10.00 CET

Luxury Esports vs Team Secret - December 16, 13.00 CET

Burst The Sky Esports vs CERBERUS Esports - December 17, 10.00 CET

Saigon Buffalo vs GAM Esports - December 17, 13.00 CET