LOL Pro View could help League esports fans and players alike

Often leaders in their field, Riot Games were in the rare position this week of catching up to Valve in esports terms, but they’ve done it, and it’s for the best. Starting this summer, fans of League of Legends will be able to get more insight than ever before into the way their favourite professionals play the game as a new ‘Pro View’ has been introduced for fans to enjoy, paving the way for big changes in the way League players are perceived.

Put simply, the new mode means you can now spectate up to four different pro POVs at any time, as well as skipping back to any important moments you might have missed, as you can see in the FAQ. CSGO and Dota already both offer some degree of customisation to certain viewers, with the latter game having a frankly absurd amount of choices if you choose to view it in the game client, and League catching up could help out not just fans, but the players, too.

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But is LOL Pro View free?

The new service isn’t free, sadly for fans, but then this is gaming in 2019 and consumers are just about getting used to the idea of paying for addition content. Head over to the official LoL Esports website for more info, with LCS access offered for a price of $14.99 and LEC for €14.99. If you're seeking to watch both the LCS and LEC, you can get the pair for the low-low price of $19.99. Sadly for the many fans around the world, Pro View will include only the English caster audio for this 2019 Summer Split at least, but you can expect it to be expanded out as other regions are tools are added.

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How does Pro View help out League players?

There are two ways this will help out players, depending on the level they play at. For the majority of users, it will provide a far better look at what it takes to actually be a top level performer in the world’s most popular esport, and allow those aspiring to be the next Faker or Caps to understand the level they need to reach to have a chance. Interestingly, with the way League is perceived, it could also help out the professionals who already occupy a space atop the mountain, (or expose the weak, according to Doublelift).

A pro view with Faker's Pro View

Generally speaking, League is considered a simpler alternative to Dota 2, and not as ‘grown up’ as CSGO, which has led to it being disrespected by fans of those games and esports neutrals, but this tool has already begun to change perceptions. There are already posts appearing talking about the difference between the way Faker plays on stream vs the Pro View experience, in awe of the awesome multitasking and intelligence employed to be the greatest League has ever seen, and being able to see how they operate under extreme pressure will also lead to more respect when the competitive action reaches a crescendo.

That might not seem like a big deal, but there is still a surprisingly large amount of animosity between fans of different games, and certainly Dota 2 and League, the only MOBAs that matter in tier-one esports. It also means that those fans who chose to can pay to upgrade their experience, which is a potentially important way the scene can become more sustainable in future without losing the ‘free to enter’ aspect that made the growth possible in the first place, meaning this is some of the best news Riot has had in a while.

Image credit: Riot


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