LoL esports update: Japanese, Oceanic and Turkish playoffs are over

Aside from the only major region where the playoffs ended, some of the minor regions have already crowned their champions. After T1, Istanbul Wildcats from Turkey became the second team to secure an MSI 2022 ticket, followed by DetonatioN FocusMe from Japan and ORDER from Oceania.

Turkish representatives Istanbul Wildcats also won the TCL last year in winter and had a disappointing result at MSI 2021. DetonatioN FocusMe is the most successful team in Japan, and their best international success came last year when they made it to Worlds 2021 Group Stage. ORDER found a championship for the first time in their history, and MSI 2022 will be their first international experience.

Istanbul Wildcats finds another Turkish championship

As mentioned earlier, Istanbul Wildcats also won the TCL 2021 Winter with a very strong performance. However, the team had internal conflicts that started during MSI 2021, where they were able to find a single win against MAD Lions, and finished the group 1-5. These conflicts led to them missing the TCL 2021 Summer Playoffs altogether.

Image courtesy of Riot Games

However, IW came even stronger this year. After a poor start against their nemesis Dark Passage, the team gradually improved their performance, claimed the first place and let everyone know that they are the best team in the TCL every step of the way. During the finals, IW utterly destroyed the only team that looked closest to them, Galatasaray Esports, champions of TCL 2021 Summer, and finished the playoffs 6-0.

Serin played a 9-1-8 Ahri and HolyPhoenix played 12-1-8 Samira in the first game. The following one, their jungler Ferret led the team with his 6-2-14 Volibear performance, while Serin was 7-2-8 on LeBlanc and HolyPhoenix was 7-3-12 on Kalista. GS managed to show some life signals in the third game thanks to Focus’ 8-3-4 Xayah, but Serin was 8-2-6 on LeBlanc and HolyPhoenix was 10-1-6 on Lucian, this unstoppable duo turned the series into a nightmare for Galatasaray and their fans.

Dubbed as IW’s weakest link, even Farfetch played two perfect series, finding six wins in a row with his infamous Nautilus during the playoffs. They are coming very strong for MSI 2022, and after keeping this project alive for a long time, IW now wants to accomplish something on the international stage.

DetonatioN FocusMe keeps dominating the LJL

It’s another year at LJL and another championship from DetonatioN FocusMe. Even after losing their star mid laner Aria to Korea, DFM managed to stay on top of the league, their 19-2 run helped them get the first place in the regular season, and Sengoku Gaming, the second place, faced them in the grand final.

Image courtesy of Riot Games

It was a pretty close final series. The first game took 46 minutes for Sengoku to end as both teams were pretty close all game long and the end-game fights decided the whole outcome. Following that, Detonation FM stomped Sengoku 14-2 and 16-5 to finish the games in 32 and 27 minutes, respectively. Sengoku Gaming made the comeback with an 18-3 victory in 30 minutes, after Evi’s Akali didn’t work out well for DFM side.

With Evi going back to his signature Urgot and Yutapon blowing up with a 9-0-6 Jinx performance, DFM took down Sengoku in the fifth game, finding the victory and finishing the series. For a long time, Japan was one of the weak regions in LoL, getting stomped by other minor regions. After making the Japanese fans proud in 2021, DFM plans on finding even better results this year, and it will be amazing to watch them, although they don’t have Aria, which doesn’t help their chances.

ORDER won LCO, surprising Chiefs

LCO 2022 Split 1 Playoffs were very chaotic to be honest. During the regular season, Chiefs Esports Club secured first place easily with a 19-2 run. PEACE and Pentanet.GG, two huge organizations in Oceania after Chiefs, took the second and third place, while ORDER and Dire Wolves were mediocre, although they were clearly better than the rest of the teams.

Image courtesy of Riot Games

However, ORDER had a miracle run in the lower bracket. Taking down Dire Wolves 3-0, ORDER’s next opponent was PEACE. After another 3-0, ORDER advanced to semifinals, where they faced Pentanet.GG, who had recently lost against Chiefs 3-2. ORD found another 3-0 with a convincing performance, and a 9-0 run got them a ticket to the grand final.

ORDER’s underdog roster would face Chiefs with two Koreans and two players from Oceania with loads of experience; Tally and Raes. ORDER started with a victory in a close game that ended fast, but Chiefs made a comeback in the next one with a stomp. ORDER once again defeated Chiefs, although it wasn’t a stomp once again, and they were playing slow unlike Chiefs who finished the next game in 28 minutes with 19-8.

ORDER changed their course of gameplay for the fifth game, this time, they were coming to take down Chiefs. BioPanther was 6-0-11 on Tryndamere, Kevy was 5-1-12 on Hecarim and Kisee was 9-4-8 on Sylas, a counter-pick for Zilean. Even though Puma failed to make a presence with Vayne, ORDER won in 34 minutes with a 22-11 score, getting the championship.

They talk in English, they are a close community and their players are considered as residents in NA, Oceanic teams always get support from the West. Even though they lost their league and Riot Games office, Pentanet.GG’s miracle run at MSI 2021 is unforgettable. You can consider their social media presence as a reason why they get such support. ORDER is coming to repeat that achievement, keep your eyes on them in Busan.

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