Lima Major day three: The ones to watch

It's time for another day of the Lima Major! Once again, we have a packed schedule ahead of us, as the best teams on the Dota Pro Circuit fight it out through the tournament's Group Stage.

Lima Major 2023: February 24 Group Stage schedule and betting odds

There's just a few days left of the Group Stage, which is due to come to an end on February 26. After that, the top four teams from each group will advance to the Playoff's upper bracket, while the teams ranked in fifth and sixth in each group will move on to the lower bracket. The remaining teams, meanwhile, will be eliminated from the tournament - So it's all to play for as we look toward the end of the Group Stage.

Group A schedule and betting odds

But we still have multiple full days of Dota 2 action to look forward to before we get to the playoffs. Here's just a handful of our favourite matches to check out today - starting at 15:00 GMT with the Group A match between PSG.LGD and Tundra Esports.

PSG.LGD (4.76) vs Tundra Esports (2.38)

As the winners of both the Chinese league's winter tour and last year's Riyadh Masters, expectations are understandably running high for PSG.LGD in the Lima Major. They've yet to live up to these expectations, however, without a single win to their name so far in the tournament. The team has managed to draw against the likes of Team Spirit and Evil Geniuses, and faced a 0-2 loss to TSM on Feburary 22. It's hardly the most compelling start, and their fans are no doubt pinning their hopes that they'll start to turn things around.

Tundra Esports, however, have had something of a better run through the Lima Major so far - having claimed two victories to date, against both EHOME and TSM. It's not a perfect run, with Tundra having faced a 0-2 loss to Gaimin Gladiators on February 23, but fans still have plenty to be excited about here. Of course, as the winners of The International 2022, Tundra has a hell of a legacy to live up to.

The odds are in Tundra's favour here, at 2.38 vs PSG.LGD's 4.76.

That's not the only Group A match worth keeping your eye on, however. Just a few hours later at 19:00 GMT, we're due to be treated to a face-off between EHOME and TSM.

EHOME (5.29) vs TSM (2.38)

EHOME have had a rough run through Lima so far, without a single win to their name. The closest they've come to tasting victory was in their February 23 match against Execration, which ended with a 1-1 draw. Unfortunately, they haven't had much luck elsewhere in the tournament, having suffered 0-2 defeats to both Gaimin Gladiators and Tundra Esports. As the lowest-ranked Chinese team to make it to Lima, EHOME have a lot to prove - and they'll need to work hard to turn their fortunes around here.

TSM meanwhile have had a little more success than EHOME, but they've still had a rough time of it so far. They do at least have a win to their name, having claimed a 2-0 victory of PSG.LGD on February 22. However, they've faced defeat after defeat ever since then, suffering 2-0 losses to the hands of Team Spirit, Talon Esports and Tundra Esports. Still, you shouldn't write off TSM just yet. The team has had an incredible run since joining the DPC in 2022 - having not only qualified for The International in their first year on the Dota 2 scene, but also emerged victorious in the North American winter tour. Their Lima record may leave something to be desired so far, but they're still worth keeping your eye on.

The odds are in TSM's favour here, at 2.38 vs EHOME's 5.29.

The full Group A match schedule is as follows:

PSG.LGD (4.76) vs Tundra Esports (2.38) - 15:00 GMT
Team Spirit (2.37) vs Talon Esports (5.06) - 15:00 GMT
EHOME (9.64) vs Evil Geniuses (1.61) - 15:00 GMT
Execration (4.42) vs TSM (2.63) - 15:00 GMT
EHOME (5.29) vs TSM (2.38) - 19:00 GMT
Execration (7.47) vs Gaimin Gladiators (1.73) - 19:00 GMT
PSG.LGD (2.27) vs Talon Esports (5.06) - 19:00 GMT
Evil Geniuses (6.17) vs Tundra Esports (2.04) - 19:00 GMT

Group B schedule and betting odds

And as ever, there's plenty of action to be found over in Group B. The first of our Group B highlight matches kicks off at 17:00 GMT, when we'll see Shopify Rebellion going up against Geek Slate.

Shopify Rebellion (1.66) vs Geek Slate (8.03)

Shopify Rebellion have had an impressive start to the Lima Major, currently sitting in second place on Group B with two wins and two draws to their name. Shopify's 2-0 victories over both BetBoom Team and HellRaisers have put them on a solid footing in this year's tournament, with their draws against Team Aster and Entity doing little to slow down their momentum. Having ranked in second place in the North America tour, expectations are running high for Shopify Rebellion - and the team is doing an excellent job of living up to those expectations so far.

Geek Slate have had a similarly strong start to the Lima Major. While they've not had as many opportunities to show off their skills so far, they've matched Shopify Rebellion for their win record - With two wins to date. Those victories were claimed over both HellRaisers and Knights, with scores of 2-0 each. That impressive record does have one blemish, however - with Geek Slate having suffered a 0-2 loss to Entity on February 23. It's an impressive run for Geek Slate, who earned their spot at the Lima Major through their second-place result in the DPC SEA tour - but they're facing steep odds here.

The odds are heavily in Shopify Rebellion's favour, at 1.66 vs Geek Slate's 8.03.

Our final highlight of the day is the match between beastcoast and Entity, taking place at 21:00 GMT.

beastcoast (4.42) vs Entity (2.63)

As the winner of the South American DPC tour, beastcoast are facing heavy expectations as they compete on their home field. The Lima Major is the first-ever Major to take place in South America, and so naturally the South American teams will be feeling the pressure to delight their fans. And beastcoast have done a reasonably good job of that so far. Admittedly, they don't have any wins on record just yet - but they've manged to claim a draw against arguably stronger teams, most noticably having ended their matches against HellRaisers and BetBoom Team with a score of 1-1, defying the odds that were heavily stacked against them.

Entity meanwhile have a more impressive Lima record, at least so far. The team has two victories to their name already, having defeated both Geek Slate and Knights on February 22, both with scores of 2-0. The team's February 23 matches didn't go quite as well, however, when they faced a 1-1 draw against Shopify Rebellion and suffered a 0-2 defeat at the hands of Team Liquid. Still, Entity have generally been on strong form so far this week, and fans will be expecting big things from them today.

Entity are the favourites to win here, with odds of 2.63 vs beastcoast's 4.42.

The full Group B match schedule is as follows:

HellRaisers (17:00) vs BetBoom Team (1.65) - 17:00 GMT
Team Aster (3.40) vs Entity (3.40) - 17:00 GMT
Shopify Rebellion (1.66) vs Geek Slate (8.03) - 17:00 GMT
beastcoast (4.42) vs Entity (2.63) - 21:00 GMT
Team Liquid (1.36) vs Geek Slate (9.70) - 21:00 GMT
Team Aster (1.52) vs HellRaisers (8.55) - 21:00 GMT

There's a full day of Dota 2 esports betting ahead of us - Who has your support? Whoever you choose to back, make sure to check out the full match schedule right here, and remember to claim your free 100% bonus!