Lima Major 2023: UB Quarterfinal betting odds

We're off to the Playoffs! Six teams have now been eliminated from the Lima Major, as the remaining twelve teams get ready to see who has what it takes to make it to the grand final.

Lima Major 2023: Upper Bracket Quarterfinal schedule and betting odds

The Group Stage has come to an end, after five days of fantastic Dota 2 gameplay. But unfortunately, we've had to say goodbye to six teams as we head into the Playoffs - with TSM, Knights, EHOME, Geek Slate, BetBoom Team and Execration having all been sent home.

That means there are just twelve teams left to fight it out through the Playoffs, where they'll be competing for the grand prize of $200,000 and 400 DPC points.

The Playoffs will begin on February 28 with the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals, where the top four teams from each group are waiting to go head-to-head.

The excitement will begin at 15:00 GMT, where we'll be treated to a match between Gaimin Gladiators and Team Aster.

Gaimin Gladiators (1.47) vs Team Aster (2.64)

Gaimin Gladiators were one of the strongest teams in the Group Stage, having just closed out an absolutely fantastic run with a record of 4 wins, three draws and one loss. The team pulled off victories against some of the strongest teams on the DPC, including the likes of Tundra Esports, Team Spirit and PSG.LGD. That solid record is slightly spoiled by a loss to Evil Geniuses on February 25, but Gaimin are still well-placed to go the distance at this year's Winter Major.

Meanwhile, Team Aster have a bit more of a mixed record, as the lowest-ranked Group B team to make it to the Upper Bracket. With a record of two wins, four draws and two losses, Aster has shown us a respectable performance - but will have a lot to prove against Gaimin Gladiators here. While they emerged victorious over the now-eliminated Geek Slate and Knights, Aster struggled in the face of Team Liquid and HellRaisers - and may also find that Gaimin Gladiators prove too much for them to handle.

The odds are in Gaimin Gladiators' favour here, at 1.47 vs Team Aster's 2.64.

The next match of the day is scheduled to begin at 18:00 GMT when we'll see Entity going up against Evil Geniuses.

Entity (1.75) vs Evil Geniuses (2.04)

Entity are coming into the Playoffs after a great run through the Group Stage and holds the honour of being the second highest-ranked team of Group B. That ranking came through a record of four wins, three draws and one loss. Entity's wins mostly came against the now-eliminated teams from Group B, including the likes of Geek Slate, BetBoom Team and Knights - as well as a February 25 victory over HellRaisers. Their one loss, meanwhile, took place on February 23 when Team Liquid handed them a 0-2 defeat.

Evil Geniuses had a similarly strong run through Group A, finishing the Group Stage with a record of three wins, four draws and one loss. The teams Evil Geniuses managed to defeat are worthy of note - with the team having successfully faced off both Gaimin Gladiators and The International 2022 winners Tundra Esports, as well as defeating the now-eliminated TSM. Their one loss meanwhile came on February 23, when Team Spirit claimed a 0-2 victory.

This one is looking close, but the odds are slightly in Entity's favour, at 1.75 vs Evil Geniuses' 2.04.

And the action doesn't stop there! Our next match of the day will see Team Spirit going head-to-head with Shopify Rebellion at 21:00 GMT.

Team Spirit (1.68) vs Shopify Rebellion (2.14)

As the second highest-ranked team in Group A, Team Spirit treated us with a fantastic performance through the Group Stage - finishing with a record of four wins, three draws and one loss. Group A was packed with strong teams, but Spirit was able to defeat some of the best of them, claiming 2-0 victories against Execration, TSM, Evil Geniuses and Tundra Esports. The one blemish on their Group Stage record came courtesy of Gaimin Gladiators, who claimed a 2-0 victory on February 22.

Shopify Rebellion treated fans with a promising performance in Group B, ending the Group Stage with a record of three wins, four draws and one loss. The team emerged victorious over South American local heroes beastcoast, as well as also defeating the likes of BetBoom Team and HellRaisers. Of course, they're not boasting a perfect record - having suffered a loss at the hands of the seemingly unstoppable Team Liquid on February 25.

It's looking close, but Team Spirit are favoured to win here, with odds of 1.68 vs Shopify Rebellion's 2.14.

Our final Quarterfinal match will take place at 12:00 AM GMT on February 28, when we'll see Team Liquid going up against Talon Esports.

Team Liquid (1.19) vs Talon Esports (4.49)

Team Liquid have been dominating the Lima Major so far, and are absolutely one of the favourites to make it through to the March 5 grand final. They've earned those high expectations through an incredible record of six wins, two draws and zero losses. Surprisingly, the only teams to deny Team Liquid an absolute victory were Geek Slate and BetBoom Team - two teams who have now been sent home. Team Liquid are the only team who can boast that they've not lost a single match so far in Lima, and their showdown against Talon Esports looks likely to continue that trend.

Talon Esports meanwhile certainly doesn't have quite the same kind of record as Team Liquid, but they still have plenty to brag about. With a record of three wins, four draws and one loss, Talon have comfortably earned their place in the Upper  Bracket. Their victories largely took place against now-eliminated teams, with Talon having successfully faced off both EHOME and TSM - as well as coming out on top against Execration on February 22. Their one loss meanwhile came at the hands of Tundra Esports, who have found themselves in the lower bracket, due to begin on March 2.

The odds are quite heavily in Team Liquid's favour here, at 1.19 vs Talon Esports' 4.49.

The competition at the Lima Major is starting to heat up - so who are you supporting? Whoever you choose to back, make sure that you've claimed your free 100% bonus to get the most out of your Dota 2 esports betting.