LGD Condi claims blackmail amid LOL corruption allegations

LGD Gaming has terminated the contract of LOL jungler Condi as well as other staff after investigation into match-fixing.

In an annoucement posted on Twitlonger, LGD said Condi - Xiang Ren-Jie - had "participated in improper behaviour that affect the competition by means, prohibited by the rules".

LGD said substitute player fdy and coach 1ntruder "participated in misconduct affecting fair play".

The contracts of Condi, fdy and 1ntruder have all been terminated immediately, the Chinese org said.

LGD manager Song "Hesitate" Zi-yang has also been "dismissed" after he "repeatedly made improper behaviour that affects fair competition and tried to use his position to influence the results of the competitions".

China-born Condi, 22, has reportedly been given an 18-month ban from LPL, while Hesitate has been banned for life.

Someone tried to blackmail me with what I did, demanding me to play fixed matches. I firmly rejected them and reported it to the club


LDG said: "We would like to apologise to the League of Legends Professional League (LPL), its organizers and all of its fans.

"LGD apologizes to other League of Legends clubs and their performing players.
LGD would also like to apologize to all of our friends and fans, who have been with us through thick and thin for so long.

"LGD also apologized to all of our other players and staff for their dedication, integrity and commitment.

"From now on, the club will strengthen it's self-inspection methods and accept more public supervision and outreach for the majority of players, hoping to put a permanent end to the recurrence of such incidents."

Condi - I was blackmailed

Condi was omitted from LGD's starting roster against LPL leaders Funplus Phoenix on Tuesday and posted on his verified Weibo account to apologise.

A translated version of his statement read: "“I want to shed some light on why am I not in the starting line-up for today’s match. I violated the (gambling) rule in one match I played in due to my impulses.

"At that time, I really hoped that we could win, and it was my first and the only time to do such a thing. However, I never tried to lose the game deliberately and was never involved in match-fixing. I played every game to the best of my abilities and all I was thinking about was to win.

"That being said, what I did was wrong and I am truly aware of it. After that, someone tried to blackmail me with what I did, demanding me to play fixed matches. I firmly rejected them and reported it to the club.

"Now I am waiting for the final decision and I’m ready to take full responsibility for my mistakes. Therefore, I will not be in the starting line-up for today’s match and I hope everything goes well for my team-mates.

"Thanks to all of you for your caring. I will focus on practice these days and spend time to review my mistake.”

Picture: LGD Gaming / Instagram


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