LFL 2022 Spring Playoffs are ready to go

After an amazing regular season, French League of Legends action will continue with the playoffs this week. Six teams have made it to the playoffs LDLC OL, Karmine Corp, Team BDS Academy, Misfits Premier, Vitality.Bee, and even though they were even with Solary both in standings and head to head, as per the LFL rules suggest, GamersOrigin.

LDLC OL and Karmine Corp finished the regular season as the top two teams, thus, they have received a bye to Round 2. Let’s have a look at what happened this season, how did the teams perform, some of the stats and then move on to the schedule and betting odds for the playoffs action.

LFL 2022 Spring regular-season standings and comments

Considering the expectations before the season and past achievements of the team, the standings at the end of the LFL 2022 Spring were no surprise. Check them out below:

Placements Teams Scores Play-offs
1 LDLC OL 13-5 Round 2
2 Karmine Corp 12-6 Round 2
3 Team BDS Academy 12-6 Round 1
4 Misfits Premier 11-7 Round 1
5 Vitality.Bee 11-7 Round 1
6 GamersOrigin 8-10 Round 1
7 Solary 8-10 Out of playoffs
8 GameWard 7-11 Out of playoffs
9 Mirage Elyandra 6-12 Out of playoffs
10 Team Opion 2-16 Out of playoffs


LDLC OL, the first place of the league with 13 wins. They had a perfect season overall, with at least one win from each of their opponents other than Team BDS Academy. Their new Turkish top laner Ragner and French mid laner Eika, who joined from Immortals, have helped the team reach new heights, bringing them the first place.

They were followed by French powerhouse Karmine Corp. Making a lot of changes this offseason and bringing in a superstar, Rekkles, KC struggled to find balance for a bit, but eventually managed to show their strength. They are one of the two title favourites this year and all the ERL fans are excited to see them perform at EU Masters.

Unlike their LEC counterparts, Team BDS Academy has shown great performance this year together with some known names from European LoL like Agresivoo, Xico and Crownshot. They missed second place because of two losses against KC.

BDS.A left Misfits Premier and Vitality.Bee behind, both at 11-7. MSFP won the LFL last year after finishing the regular season in third place, and went on to win the LFL 2021 Finals at the end of the year. They went through some big changes, only keeping Woolite. Vitality.Bee has a much more familiar roster, with names like Szygenda, Skeanz, Jeskla and Jactroll. All these players have LEC experience.

The rest of the league wasn’t up to these five team’s standards, but GamersOrigin managed to find a place in the playoffs. Outperforming Steeelback’s Solary, Vizicsacsi’s GO will join the playoffs as the underdogs.

Jinx was the most played champion this year in LFL too, being played 56 times with a 91.1% presence. However, amongst champions that were played more than once, Vex has the best win rate with a whopping 81.8% in 31 games, a very good number. Looking at the players, best KDAs are Karmine Corp’s mid laner SAKEN and bot laner Rekkles, with 7.91 and 7.08 respectively.

Image via Riot Games

The player with the biggest champion pool was MSFP’s top laner Irrelevant with 11 different champions played. Best kill participation record was owned by Jactroll with 77.8%, and four players acquired the Player of the Game award five times, Crownshot, Ragner, Skeanz and Woolite.

LFL 2022 Spring Playoffs schedule and betting odds

LFL 2022 Spring Playoffs will start on March 16, Wednesday. The teams that started from Round 2 will face each other first, the winner will directly qualify for the finals and the loser will get another chance. Check out the schedule below:

Round 1

Wednesday, 16 March
BDS Academy (1.40) vs GamersOrigin (2.70) - 18:00 CET

Thursday, 17 March
Misfits Premier (2.20) vs Vitality.Bee (1.60) - 18:00 CET

Round 2

Wednesday, 23 March
LDLC OL (1.45) vs Karmine Corp (2.60) - 18:00 CET

Thursday, 24 March


Wednesday, 30 March
TBD vs TBD - 18:00 CET


Thursday, 31 March
TBD vs TBD - 18:00 CET

As mentioned earlier, GamersOrigin is the weakest team here in the playoffs, thus, they aren’t expected to show a great performance against BDS in the first round. However, not being under pressure might help them get a better result. MSFP and VITB have performed very closely throughout the season and there isn’t a significant difference between their rosters, it’s a well-balanced matchup and the winner will be decided on that day surely.

Similarly, Karmine Corp and LDLC OL are hands down the best teams of LFL. Their battle shall be legendary, and it’s hard to determine a favourite once again. You should definitely give a chance to this match if you haven’t watched LFL before.

Both finalists at playoffs will earn a spot at EU Masters 2022 Spring Main Event. By finishing the regular season as top two, LDLC OL and Karmine Corp already secured a EUM 2022 Spring Play-In spot, as the third and fourth places of the playoffs will get one. You can consider Round 1 as a fight to guarantee at least a Play-In spot at EU Masters 2022 Spring.

If you are interested, you can watch the games and place your bets on Luckbox.