Legend of Dust 2: Why is it the most popular map of CS:GO

Not only FPS -lovers, but all people who are a little interested in games have probably heard of the legendary map of Counter-Strike. For years, it held the title of the most popular map in the entire Counter-Strike series.

Where does this popularity of the map come from and why do most players prefer Dust 2? Let us take a look at what our research reveals.

1- A known and old map

As the Counter-Strike series started a long time ago, Dust 2 has been part of the legend for a long period of time. First, it was included as an official map with the Counter-Strike 1.1 patch. When Counter-Strike: Source was released, it received a graphical update and also some additions like doors and large crates.

From the earliest days of Counter-Strike, players have learned this map and it has not left its tradition in the future series of the game. When CS:GO was released, it saw a major update to its graphics. Until then, it was much preferred by CS:GO lovers.

2- Perfect balance

If you are familiar with the terms of CS:GO, you have probably heard something like "T Map" or "CT Map". When a map is easier to defend, it is called "CT Map" and when it is easy to attack, it is called "T Map".

When it comes to Dust 2, it is so hard to use these terms. Dust 2 has a very balanced map system for both sides. While there are always multiple ways to get to a side, it is also possible to defend it in many different ways. This appearance became the main reason for Dust 2's popularity over the years.

3- Easy to learn

When we talk about maps, one of the most important things for players to play on this map is to learn it. Dust 2 is simply the perfect map for newcomers, creatives, strategists and rushers.

The map has three simple sides: A, B and mid. All of these sides have simpler points like A long, Upper mid, or B mid, but it is so easy to learn once you get used to the map and hear people shouting these points. Dust 2 has kept its simplicity over the years.

Bonus - Legendary matches on Dust 2

Not only for casual players, but also for Esports players Dust 2 has the same meaning. Most of the time, in the popular tournaments of CS:GO, there is not even a match to be played without Dust 2. This map has been an arena for most teams to increase their trophies.

Dreamhack Summer 2013: Xizt vs. Publiclir.se

One of Dust 2's biggest moments occurred at DreamHack Summer 2013, a group match between Ninjas in Pyjamas and Publiclir.se. The match on June 15 was the last game of Group A. Either NiP or Publiclir.se would move on to the next round if they won. During the match, something unbelievable happened.

In the 16th round, Publiclir.se won 15-11 and were one down to win and advance. That was when Xizt came on stage. The Swedish player played 3 v 1. Surprisingly, he sneaked to the bomb spot and disarmed the bomb with a ninja. At the end of the tournament, NiP was the winner.

ESL One: Cologne 2014 Quarterfinals: KQLY vs pashabiceps

It was always worth watching the battle between two players from the professional area of CS:GO. One of them took place in the quarter-finals of ESL One: Cologne 2014, when Team LDLC.com and Virtus.pro met.

In the last round of the match, Team LDLC.com had won 15-14 and there were only two players left from both teams: pashabiceps and KQLY. While KQLY went to the A-side, he jumped and made a jumpshot. This move was also called "KQLY Style" by CS:GO lovers.

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