LEC Finals start in Malmö

After fierce competition in the playoffs, LEC 2022 Summer is coming to an end with the last two best-of-five series. G2 Esports, Rogue and Fnatic are left in the race for the crown, and one of them will represent Europe as its champion at Worlds 2022. Let’s take a look at what is happening this weekend.

We are going to Sweden this weekend with a live audience present for the final series. The final will be held at the Malmö Arena, a venue with a capacity of 12,600 people. While LEC Studio’s atmosphere is always great with fans in attendance, it will be nice to see a bigger audience at the end of this amazing race.

Playoffs update

Playing two series in one weekend, Fnatic not only defeated Misfits to get a Worlds 2022 ticket from the lower bracket but also defeated MAD Lions to get a higher seed at Worlds. The team’s improvement has been an incredible story, and even a championship is possible after such a miracle run.

In my opinion, Fnatic didn’t even deserve to make it to the playoffs. Their efforts at the last minute got them here. However, they proved me wrong with their climb into the playoffs bracket. Excel was 2-0 ahead in their first game of the playoffs, and they managed the reverse sweep. Since then, Fnatic looks like a team, unlike how they looked during the whole summer season.

Humanoid is up, Upset and Hylissang are always great, and Wunder and Razork seem to be keeping up with the team’s pace. As they solved these problems, Fnatic is ready to challenge the best, Rogue and G2 Esports. I think they have the chance of surprising their fans even more by making it to the grand final. If they can do that, they will start from the main event instead of play-in at Worlds.

Personally, MAD Lions was the biggest disappointment of the summer playoffs. The team managed to go to Worlds 2022 without winning a single best-of-five series in 2022. With the addition of Nisqy, I thought they looked very tough, but they couldn’t even challenge Fnatic after losing the first game 3-2 against Rogue. They should improve or another play-in elimination after 2020 might happen.

While G2 Esports was looking strong, my favourite for the championship was Rogue. However, seeing how they were dismantled by G2 Esports reminded me of the earlier seasons. It looks like another year where Rogue enters the playoffs as favourites and manages to lose the finals somehow. It would be a great story to see them finally win a championship.

And G2 Esports. You can feel the organization’s culture kicking in once again. Their performance improved after they managed to adapt to the meta, and looked unstoppable. Defeating Rogue 3-0 in the semi-finals, G2 made it to the grand final and Worlds 2022 main event. We hope to see a performance better than MSI 2022 from them.

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Schedule for the weekend

Check out the schedule in Malmö:

Saturday, September 10
Rogue (2.60) vs Fnatic (1.45) - 17:00 CEST

Sunday, September 11
G2 Esports vs FNC/RGE - 17:00 CEST

While Rogue is the clear favourite of the first series, my advice is to not sleep on Fnatic. If a team can manage to come from the lower bracket and take down Rogue, that is them. They found the rhythm to achieve the unachievable, and they have nothing to lose. Fnatic’s victory here wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

Nonetheless, the winner will have to play another series against G2 Esports the next day. Considering both G2’s performance and that fact, G2 is the clear favourite. However, we have seen a lot of lower bracket miracle runs this year, it seems like teams aren’t affected by the fact that they have to play two series in a row as much as we thought. G2 goes to Worlds 2022’s main event anyway, sothey might get complacent.