LEC 2022 Spring Week 3 schedule and betting odds: G2 vs FNC coming up

We are approaching the middle of LEC 2022 Spring Season, with Fnatic and Rogue leading the league. Mid-table is stirred up, Astralis is stuck at the bottom, and there will be some important matchups this week that could decide the fate of the playoffs this early. Let’s get ready for week three and relive the moments from the week that just ended.

Fnatic kept their streak going, and Rogue has also been impressive, defeating MAD Lions and Team BDS in week two. On the other hand, Astralis still isn’t able to find that win to give them the confidence they need, and SK Gaming and Team BDS are stuck with Astralis at the bottom of the table, although they have one win currently. Find the details below.

LEC 2022 Spring Week 2 summary

Week 2 started with some weak matchups. Misfits, one of the teams fighting for a playoff spot rather than the top of the league, faced Excel, a team with a similar level of gameplay. Misfits started the game well, and although it was a pretty quiet one, 6-3 at 29 mins, MSF was able to slowly close out the game.

Fnatic then defeated Astralis in the game between the top and bottom of the league, G2 Esports bested SK and BDS didn’t stand a chance against a more motivated Team Vitality. The last game of the day was one of the most important ones: Rogue vs MAD Lions.

Although they aren’t perfect, MAD Lions’ new roster proved to be one that is competitive. Rogue on the other hand lost their superstar jungler this offseason and their bot laner, replacing them with Malrang and Comp. They’ve started out really well at Spring Season, and their first real challenge also went great for them. After having the control all game long, Rogue took the win in 33 minutes 26-10 with the Mountain Soul and everything.

Then started the second day, Excel defeated SK, MAD defeated Astralis and Rogue defeated Team BDS. Fnatic vs Misfits was promising, and the undefeated leader of the league started shaky in the early game, but after the 20th minute, Fnatic really stepped up and ended the game quickly in 24 minutes.

The end of the second day was the match of the week, G2 Esports vs Team Vitality. It was a long-awaited game with Perkz coming back to Europe to stand up against G2. Team Vitality started really well and were controlling the pace, and until the 25th minute, it was another quiet game. However, after Selfmade stole the Infernal Dragon to secure the Infernal Soul for his team, Vitality started to make use of their end-game weapons like Gangplank and Aphelios, ending it fast and showing that they made progress after the first week.

LEC 2022 Spring Week 3 schedule and betting odds

Find the schedule for the third week below:

Friday, 28 January

Team BDS (1.80) vs Astralis (1.90) - 18.00 CET
MAD Lions (1.38) vs Excel Esports (2.80) - 19.00 CET
Team Vitality (1.22) vs SK Gaming (3.80) - 20.00 CET
Rogue (2.20) vs Fnatic (1.60) - 21.00 CET
Misfits Gaming (2.25) vs G2 Esports (1.58) - 22.00 CET

Saturday, 29 January

Team BDS (1.95) vs SK Gaming (1.75) - 17.00 CET
Excel Esports (1.52) vs Astralis  (2.35)- 18.00 CET
Misfits Gaming (2.80) vs MAD Lions (1.38) - 19.00 CET
Team Vitality (1.80) vs Rogue (1.92) - 20.00 CET
G2 Esports (2.50) vs Fnatic (1.45) - 21.00 CET

The first few matches on Friday look like weak matchups. Team BDS vs Astralis are two teams at the bottom of the table, but BDS has a lot more to offer than Astralis so they have a better chance of winning quite honestly. Next up, MAD Lions shouldn’t upset their fans with a poor performance against an Excel who changed their support this week with Mikyx. If Mikyx could influence the team heavily, that would change things though.

Team Vitality vs SK Gaming should be a treat, Vitality started to get better last week with finding their first wins while SK’s form is in decline. The super team should get the better result out of this match.

Fnatic vs Rogue is the highlight of the week, two 5-0 teams will face each other. In my opinion, Fnatic has shown quite the character these two weeks and faced better opponents than Rogue, so I consider them to be the favourite as I also think they have the better roster. However, Rogue is known for their upsets, so we will have to wait and see.

Friday will end with Misfits vs G2, a matchup between two 3-2 teams. G2 Esports should have the win here normally, but they look a bit shaky. Of course, all members of G2 had Covid between week one and two, so that may be the reason for their poor performance. If that’s the case, their performance should rise starting with week three.

BDS will face SK and Excel will face Astralis, no good League of Legends is expected from these matchups. Misfits vs MAD Lions is a close one, both teams will look at this as an opportunity to get a better place for playoffs. Team Vitality will have an important clash versus Rogue, where Rogue is the favourite. Although if Rogue gets defeated by Fnatic on Friday, that could affect their performance on Saturday.

Fnatic will face a G2 Esports that is not the G2 they knew from last few years, and although they did beat them in 2021, considering their form, Fnatic will be the better team in this matchup after so many years. Honestly, ocelote should issue a bonus for this game so that G2’s players have more motivation to win it.

LEC 2022 Spring current standings

Placements Team Score
1 Fnatic 5-0
1 Rogue 5-0
3 G2 Esports 3-2
3 MAD Lions 3-2
3 Misfits Gaming 3-2
6 Excel Esports 2-3
6 Team Vitality 2-3
8 SK Gaming 1-4
8 Team BDS 1-4
10 Astralis 0-5


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