LEC 2022 Spring playoffs schedule

After a long break, LEC 2022 Spring is moving on with the playoffs stage. To represent the region at MSI 2022 and have their share of the currently undisclosed prize pool, six teams will be fighting on the Summoners’ Rift. Last year, both playoffs were won by MAD Lions, but they finished seventh this season, missing the finals.

Excel Esports and Team Vitality are starting from the lower bracket, while Rogue, Misfits Gaming, Fnatic and G2 Esports secured starting from the winners’ bracket with their performance during the regular season.

You can find the schedule and betting odds for the first matches below.

LEC 2022 Spring Playoffs participants

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Finishing the regular season first place, Rogue had the advantage of starting from the winners’ bracket and picking their opponent. After a very strong presence and a 9-0 first half, Rogue proved to be one of the favourites of winning it all, but they have to defeat their playoffs curse first.

Their rival Misfits Gaming was one of the wildcards, but regarding their improvement throughout the course of the regular season, they totally deserved being here. However, they will face arguably the best team and it’ll be a tough challenge.

With their new roster, G2 Esports managed to make the playoffs, although they didn’t have the perfect season. On the contrary, Fnatic’s performance and new roster are highly praised but they still fell behind Rogue.

Excel Esports and Team Vitality have the worst position and they are the weakest links here at LEC 2022 Spring Playoffs. Perkz’s Vitality and Mikyx’s Excel will fight each other to survive and go on for another day.

LEC 2022 Spring Playoffs schedule

You will hear from us before the finals. For now, check out the full schedule below:

Round 1
Rogue (1.40) vs Misfits (2.70) - March 25, 18:00 CET
Fnatic (1.32) vs G2 (3.00) - March 26, 17:00 CET

Losers’ Bracket
Excel (2.50) vs Vitality (1.48) - March 27, 17:00 CET
XL/VIT vs (R1 Lower Seed) - April 1, 18:00 CET
XL/VIT/(R1LS) vs (R1 Higher Seed) - April 3, 17:00 CET

RGE/MSF vs FNC/G2 - April 2, 17:00 CET
(Loser SF) vs (Winner LB) - April 9, 17:00 CET

Grand Final
TBD vs TBD - April 10, 17:00 CET

The first game, Rogue vs Misfits, features two teams that failed to show up at playoffs before. Although both have had some successful streaks during the regular season, this is their chance to prove they are more than Bo1 flukes. Rogue is at an advantage here, but you shouldn’t overlook MSF.

Fnatic is definitely a better team than G2 Esports right now. But as mentioned earlier, they have some deficiencies that G2 could easily take advantage of. Odds are low, but not impossible. Considering FNC has a chance to participate in the losers’ bracket and come back, an upset might not hurt them at all.

Excel and Vitality failed to create a stable performance that became a part of their identity. They start from the losers’ bracket and they deserve to be there, both teams are behind the top four. During their match, Vitality will rely on their players’ individual skills while XL will be led by their experienced support Mikyx. It’s a close one, we will have to wait and see what happens.

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