League of Legends update: Rise of the Elements and a champion

With LoL Worlds 2019 knockout stage right around the corner, Riot is coming up with the biggest changes in League of Legends in years.

For League of Legends tenth anniversary stream, Riot teased a part of the next update - Rise of the Elements - most awaited feature: a new champion. The Rise of the Elements will be launched on November 21st, less than 2 weeks after Worlds 2019 Grand Final, already announcing an interesting twist in the LoL season to come.

Amid growing rumors of other champions being released, we now know for certain that Senna - Lucian's wife - will be the next champion to be playable in League of Legends as he managed to release her from Thresh's lantern.


Senna will be a marksman support in charge of helping (heals, buffs etc.) other teammates. However, Senna will be the first of her kind in League of Legends champions (large) pool as she will also have a focus on skillshots and micromanagement.

While a new champion is already a considerable good news for fans, it might not be the most important.

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Summoner's Rift update

LoL developers added alcoves and bushes to allow easier ganks. They also wanted to diversify the jungle path and value it more as junglers can now hit level 3 from any outer camp combination, buff camp or third camp. Camps also display a timer on the minimap to allow jungler's better strategy planning.

League of Legends devs also elected to favor top lane a bit more by tweaking the base minion XP compared to the amount of shared XP given to several allies and junglers. This will gave higher XP reward to top solo laners.

Elemental Drakes update

Elemental Drakes are neutral enemies giving a significant advantage in ability and attack to the team that is killing them. League of Legends developers decided they should weigh more in the game by giving them the ability to change Summoner's Rift landscape too according to the element they represent. Wind tunnels for Cloud Drakes, patches of longer grass for Water Drakes for team concealment or terrain alterations for Mountain Drakes.

For more detail on the update, please see here.