League of Legends’ new chem-baron: Renata Glasc

League of Legends players met a brand new character last month, Renata Glasc. Zaun’s wealthiest chem-baron entered the rift and has already caused quite the stir. Players have mixed reactions about her, some saying that she is broken because of her kit while some believe that she isn’t strong enough.

Obviously, Renata Glasc will be available for professional play soon, and we will have our final opinions about her there. Just like Zeri, she might need some time before players find out the best way to utilize her.

Let’s have a look at her abilities and stats, so that you could decide for yourself if you like her or not.

Renata Glasc’s abilities

Renata Glasc’s passive is called Leverage, her basic attacks mark enemies for a brief period and deal extra damage. If her allies attack a marked enemy, they also deal some bonus damage. Her Q is her main weapon during the laning phase, she can use it to knock her target in any direction she wants. If she throws a champion into enemies, they get stunned for a brief period of time.

Her W, Bailout, caused many controversies amongst the League community. She enhances herself or an ally for five seconds, granting bonus attack and movement speed towards champions and minions. If you get a takedown, Bailout’s duration resets. If Bailout’s target receives fatal damage, they are revived with a catch: Starting from 100% health, their health slowly burns until they reach 0 health. If they get a takedown during this period, they will be fully revived with 20% HP.

Let that sink in before you move on to the next abilities.

Her E sends a rocket that deals damage on it’s landing zone and around Renata Glasc. If you are struck by the missile and an ally of Renata, you get a small shield, while enemies are dealt magic damage and slowed by 30%.

Renata Glasc’s ultimate ability, Hostile Takeover, brings a new mechanic to League of Legends. She launches a cloud of chemicals in the target direction, and any enemy that gets hit goes berserk. Berserk means that they have 100% bonus attack speed and increased size, and they are forced to basic attack the nearest unit, regardless of being allied, enemy or neutral. They prioritize their allies first.

Renata Glasc builds a classic support build, with the most popular Mythic item for her being Shurelya’s Battlesong.

Is Renata Glasc viable for pro play?

Renata Glasc is kind of a squishy champion, just like Karma or Lulu. We could count her as an enchanter. Her shield isn’t too strong, she doesn’t deal too much damage, but her ultimate and W are total game-changers.

Together with strong ADC champions like Caitlyn, Jinx or Jhin, Renata Glasc’s abilities could be used to their full extent. I am expecting players from all around the world like T1’s Keria or Fnatic’s Hylissang to give her a shot in pro play. I truly doubt if she could work for weak teams, but teams with strong connections and skilled players could make great use of her.

Current stats of Renata Glasc

Renata Glasc is considered as a S-tier support champion by many League of Legends websites right now. According to LeagueOfGraphs, Renata has a popularity of 11.4%, win rate of 51.4% and ban rate of 28.5% in Diamond and higher games. These are very good stats for a relatively new champion. Unlike Zeri, players got the grip of Renata Glasc quite fast.

She will be available to play in many leagues this weekend, and I really wonder if we would see a game or two with RG in it. Teams that are desperate for a win might use her earlier than others. However, Hylissang has already started playing her, so a team that already has a strong build-up might use her too, like Fnatic.

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