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Bouke Vogelaar is an esports fan and enjoys betting on League of Legends and CS:GO. We've asked Boukev, as he is known to his friends in the Luckbox Discord server, to share his League of Legends predictions to, hopefully help you make your own winning selections...


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LPL Summer playoff Final

Funplus Phoenix vs Royal Never Give up

This final will not decide which Chinese team goes straight on to the Groups Stage of the World Championship because both teams are on the top of the championship points system for the LPL and are thus already qualified even when they lose this match.

Funplus Phoenix won the headsup this season with 2-0 and the bookmakers are showing them as the favorite. The odds of 1.5x seem justified since Funplus Phoenix dropped only four maps in the entire season.

Boukev's prediction: Funplus Phoenix to win @1.5 bet now

LCS Regional Finals Round 1

Flyquest vs Clutch Gaming

With only 40 championship points for Flyquest and Clutch gaming both these teams managed to find a very small opportunity to reach the World Championship Play-in stage. To reach it they will have to create their own Cinderella story starting with this match with Counter Logic Gaming and Team Solomid still to beat afterwards.

Flyquest has reached the regional finals due to their surprise spring season fourth place but has not been showing up in the summer season while Clutch gaming has been the opposite with a weak spring season but a strong summer season.

Based on current form Clutch gaming seems the obvious favorite but I would still expect Flyquest to have at least 33% chance to win. With odds of 3.8x they are my bet.

Boukev's prediction: Flyquest to win @3.8 - bet now

LEC Summer week nine predictions

The last week of the LEC before the playoffs shows Origen, Team Vitality, Rogue and SK Gaming battling for a playoff spot (Top six). Let's look at some of the matches to see if we can find interesting fights. In our predictions for this week we might have to consider the difference in mentality that might occur from teams that are set in their ranking versus teams that still have something to play for.

Origen vs Rogue

Origen have the most important matches to go versus Rogue and SK Gaming that are also both still hunting the top-six spots. While I agree with the bookmakers that Origen will win against SK I feel like they have lost too much versus the strong teams of this season that Rogue will take the match. The odds for a Rogue win are 2.4x and are my pick for this week.

Boukev's Best Bet: Rogue to beat Origen @ 2.4

Team Vitality have been doing great after their bad four lost matches from the first two weeks of the season. Last week they surprisingly lost versus SK Gaming and missed securing the playoff spot. Luckily for them I believe they have the easiest opponents (Misfits and Schalke 04) of the four teams still fighting for a top 6 spot.

Schalke vs Vitality

With Schalke 04 being safe for the playoffs and Misfits having a terrible season so far Team Vitality should be able to secure a playoff spot. Based on odds I would guess for a Team Vitality win against FC Schalke 04 for 2.3x returns. The best-of-one format has been a challenge to predict but has resulted in some nice upsets and a very entertaining season. I am looking forward to the playoffs.

Boukev's Best Bet: Vitality to beat Schalke @ 2.3

LCS Summer playoffs

Counter Logic Gaming vs OpTic Gaming

Starting this weekend the two quarterfinal matches of the LCS Summer playoffs will show which teams are allowed to face Cloud9 and Team Liquid next week for the semi's. The third-placed Counter Logic Gaming will face the now struggling OpTic Gaming. Optic lost their last four full matches of the summer season but did manage to secure the tiebreakers against 100 Thieves and Golden Guardians. The bookmakers are currently strongly favoring CLG with just 1.3x odds but I would agree with them especially seeing the strong performance of CLG's Biofrost this season.

Boukev's Best Bet: CLG to win @1.3

Team SoloMid vs Clutch Gaming

After the dominance of the 2017 seasons TSM has since been destined to play second fiddle to the top two of the LCS. These playoffs might be their chance to finally beat the current favorites of TL and C9 but first they will have to beat the surprising addition of Clutch Gaming in the quarterfinals. Clutch Gaming went from seventh to fifth place in just the last week of the summer season with three wins in a row. CG's Huni played a big role in the recent victories. I agree with TSM being the favorite so I would bet on a 3 - 1 or a 3 - 2 score for TSM to win.

Boukev's Best Bet: TSM win 3-1 @ 3.4 or TSM 3-2 @ 4.33

LCK Summer - week nine

Griffin Gaming vs Gen.G

Week nine of LCK Summer is upon us and it's fourth vs fifth as Griffin Gaming fac Gen.G this week and it should be a close match. Both teams have lost versus SKT1 in the last four weeks but Gen.G won the other five matches while Griffin has lost against both the Afreeca Freecs and DAMWON Gaming. Yet the bookmakers are still favoring Griffin so the 2.7x odds on a Gen.G win with Fly as the midlaner are a very interesting bet to me.

Bouke's Best Bet: Gen.G vs Griffin Gaming - Gen.G to win @2.7

Gen.G vs Afreeca Freecs

Gen.G face a make-or-break week and their match against Afreeca Freecs is also showing some decent odds. This Sunday match is scheduled for the end of the week, two days after Gen.G vs Griffin. Gen.G are 1.6x win odds at the time of writing and I suggest to bet based on how both teams perform during their matches on Friday this week. Assuming a win by Gen.G against Griffin on Friday, I will definitely bet on them to also win against the Freecs on Sunday. But if Gen.G lose against Griffin and the Freecs also show a good friday performance against the strong Sandbox Gaming, then I will bet on the 2.1x odds for the Freecs to win the match. So bet with caution and take advantage of the shifting odds.

Bouke's Best Bet: Gen.G to win @1.6 OR Freecs to win @2.1 (depending on Friday's performances).

LEC Summer 2019 - Week seven

G2 vs Fnatic

It's crunch time for the teams in the LEC. The current number two Fnatic will try to beat the current top dog . The number one G2 Esports have won their last 7 LEC matches in a row but still suffered their only loss of the season versus this Fnatic team. The current odds of x2.7 for a Fnatic win would put their expected chances of winning at 37%. While G2 has been on a roll I would still try a bet on Fnatic.

Bouke's Best Bet: Fnatic to beat G2 @2.7

On the bottom of the table at eighth-place SK Gaming has had a rough season so far. Their matches this week will be against Rogue and Misfits and while SK gaming has won both matches in the first half of this season they will have to win these matches to keep any fair chance to reach the playoffs. Will you bet on the final chance for SK Gaming to get some much needed wins or do you think their summer season is destined to end in misery? With very close odds on all outcomes it might be time to rely on your gut feelings. It will surely be an interesting story to watch enfold.

Bouke's Best Bet: Rogue to beat SK Gaming and Misfits to beat SK Gaming

Saturday and Sunday, July 26-27th

League of Legends - LEC Summer 2019 - Week 6

The LEC season continues with ten matches to play this friday and saturday. The first and second of the standings, G2 and Fnatic both have pretty winnable matchups this week. Only a bet on Fnatic vs Origen at 1.5x for a Fnatic win seems to gain solid enough profits to warrant a bet from me.

Bouke's Best Bet: Fnatic @1.5

More interesting things are happening in the middle of the standings with even odds available on the match of Team Vitality vs Rogue. Looking at the first-half-of-the-season results, I would take a bet on Rogue to beat their nemesis due to Team Vitality only getting wins against lower ranked teams.

Bouke's Best Bet: Rogue @1.87

Finally this might be a good moment to take a combo bet against Excel esports. For a combined 2.2x return, I would bet on both Rogue and Misfits gaming to win their matches versus Excel esports. Excels single win this season was obtained versus an already struggling SK. I am expecting both Rogue and Misfits to win against Excel and hopefully avoid any upsets.

Bouke's Best Bet: Combo bet Rogue + Misfits (vs Excel) @2.2

Saturday, July 20th, 2019

100 Thieves vs FlyQuest

Both teams have had weak starts of the summer season but have been getting better results in these later weeks. It's close but I would go for the 1.6x odds on 100 Thieves assuming Maurice "Amazing" Stückenschneider can keep his amazing week 6 form and MVP awards up and make it his jungle once again.

Bouke's Best Bet: 100 Thieves to win @1.6

LCS Summer Season - Week 7

Today we are looking at the LCS 2019 Summer Season day 2 of week 7 which happens on 21st of July at 20:00 UTC. All five matches that are being played are interesting brawls and will possibly have unexpected results which look like nice betting moments to me.

LCS Summer split live schedule

Golden Guardians vs Team Liquid

Team Liquid has been strong after their first match with only suffering losses versus the current second and third in the standings. They should have no trouble beating the mid-level team Golden Guardians. Take the 1.3x odds for a TL win.

Bouke's Best Bet: Team Liquid to beat Golden Guardians @1.3

Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud9

The second C9 and third CLG have to fight each other to decide who keeps a spot near the top. While I think C9 is the slight favorite to win, I would still take the 2.4x odds for a CLG win to keep profitable in the long run. This match is a 50/50 for me.

Bouke's Best Bet:: CLG to win @2.4

Optic Gaming vs Team SoloMid

For these mid-table teams I expect TSM to get a win. Optic has suffered 3 losses in a row against the seventh, eigth and ninth of the standings so I am going for the 1.4x odds on TSM.

Bouke's Best Bet: TSM to win @1.4

Clutch gaming vs Echo Fox

Echo Fox is having the weirdest of seasons. They have managed 2 wins versus the first and second of the standings but still lost against almost everybody else. Even at 2.6x odds they are too big of a gamble for me. With hesitation, I am going for Clutch gaming at 1.4x.

Bouke's Best Bet: Clutch gaming @1.4

LCK Summer - Week 6

The LCK 2019 Summer season in Korea has some of the best teams in the world fighting weekly for the rankings. Jin Air Greenwings have not been able to claim a victory in this best-of-three format for 10 games in a row but their shot against a struggling SK Telecom T1 might be much better than the 8.0x odds currently on display. They have taken one map in the first half of the season from SKT and going for the 3.4x on this match going to the full three maps might be a solid gamble.

Bouke's Best Bet: SKT vs JAG total maps over 2.5 @3.3

A closer match might be held between DAMWON Gaming, who had a very strong first half of the season versus Griffin Gaming which has been the better team in the past. If you also believe DAMWON Gaming can keep their form than you should join me going for their win with 2.7x odds.

Bouke's Best Bet: DAMWON Gaming to beat Griffin @2.7

LEC Summer Season - Week 4

In the European Summer Season for League of Legends the gap between the top teams and the bottom teams seems to widen. Will ExceL Esports on the bottom of the table be able to gain a victory this summer season? With match ups against Origen and SK Gaming this weekend might be their last shot to avoid a 0 win record this summer. A win versus SK Gaming is more likely but odds of >4.5x on your bet versus Origen could be a nice try if you are into upsets. Origen did have a good performance at the Rift Rivals tournament so it would be a big upset indeed.

Bouke's Best Bet: exceL to beat Origen @4.5

In the top half of the standings the steady number 3 Splyce has a chance to try to get closer to the top 2 but they will have to beat the undefeated Fnatic as the favorite in the last scheduled match of the weekend. If they can't make it work Fnatic will have a high chance to avoid losses this season. With Fnatic's strong performance at the Rift Rivals the odds of 1.33x on Fnatic still feel like a decent bet to me.

Bouke's Best Bet: Fnatic to beat Splyce Vipers at @1.33

Lastly in the middle of the standings Misfits Gaming will have to take on Team Vitality. The odds are 50 / 50 but based on the standings from the Spring Season 2019, I do expect Team Vitality to win this match.

Bouke's Best Bet: Vitality to beat Misfits @1.87

Treble tip: A €10 bet on Bouke's treble combo would return €110

Sunday, July 7th, 2019

There are always some nice games to be found in the LCS 2019 Summer Season but for betting I have my eye set on Team Solo Mid vs Counter Logic Gaming. TSM has at least an eight-game winstreak against CLG. So I will forgive TSMs latest results of losing versus minor teams and still go for any odd above 1.4x odd for TSM to win.

Bouke's Best Bet: TSM to beat CLG @1.43

Friday, July 5th, 2019

In League of Legends the Rift Rivals 2019 tournament has some great Korea vs China matchups with Invictus Gaming meeting up against SK Telecom T1. Both teams suffered unexpected losses in the last 12 matches they played but with the return of IG's star player Rookie for this tournament I would definitely go for a good 1.6x odds for Invictus Gaming as the current favorite for best team in the world.

Bouke's Best Bet: Invictus Gaming to beat SK Telecom T1 @1.6

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