League fans rejoice: One For All game mod is live

Good news for casual League of Legends players: One of the league's most popular game modes, One For All, has returned to the live servers. One For All is a special game mode where players can choose a team consisting of the same champion, more precisely five copies of the same character.

One For All allows players to create unique moves that they would otherwise not be able to do due to the restrictions on duplicate champions in normal games of LoL. For example, multiple Karthus players may cast Requiem in succession, while Twitch players can help each other stack Deadly Poison faster.

In One For All, it is also possible to play Mirror Matches, where 10 copies of the same champion can be selected in an entire match. In Mirror Matches, abilities that affect both allied and opposing players such as Zilean's Time Bomb, makes for particularly hectic matches.

How selection stage works

Image: Riot Games

In One For All, players can choose a champion for their team at the start of each selection/ban phase. At least four out of five players on a team must vote for the same champion for it to be automatically assigned to the team, or the league client will randomly select a champion that has been voted for and assign it to all players on a team.

Players can also ban a champion during the selection/ban phase of a one-for-all match.

One For All is now live on the league's live servers and will be playable until the end of the current Anima Squad event on May 2.

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