LCS players vote to walkout in protest of NACL changes

Players across the LCS have voted to walkout in protest of recent changes to the NACL, a move that could well impact the start of LCS Summer 2023.

LCS Players Association to stage walkout

That's according to an announcement from the LCS Players Association (LCSPA), who announced that the proposed vote to walkout had passed “overwhelmingly," with players protesting a recent Riot Games rule change.

"This is not a decision the LCS players have come to lightly," said the LCSPA. "Countless discussions and debates were had between all LCS players in the week leading to this historic vote. One thing is clear from those conversations - our players want to play and compete above all else. Joining hands to put competition aside is a testament to the significance and urgency of the issues at hand.

"We stand at this impasse because actions were taken by Riot without prior communication or discussion with the LCS players. The LCSPA sincerely hopes Riot will avert this walk out by joining us in the coming days to have open and transparent discussions so that we can forge collaborative solutions to ensure the best futures for the LCS and the NACL."

The walkout comes in protest of a recent rule change from Riot Games that has severely impacted the NACL. The rule change, revealed on May 12, removed the rule providing that LCS teams are required to field rosters in the NACL - after the 10 organisations reportedly voted to demand that they do so. As a result of that decision, several LCS teams announced that they were dropping their NACL teams, thereby parting ways with the players and staff members.

In return, the LCSPA described Riot's decision as a "significant breach of trust.” LCSPA executive director Phil Aram stated that "Riot lied to us," and that "the outcome of that lie is that half our players’ jobs are gone overnight.”

This walkout is likely to impact the start of the 2023 Summer Split - which was due to begin on June 1. However, barring an unlikely swift solution to this issue, that start date is now in question.

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