LCS commissioner Jackie Felling resigns due to health issues

LCS commissioner Jackie Felling has officially announced her resignation, effective April 14.

Jackie Felling steps down as LCS commissioner to focus on her health

Felling announced the move via her Twitter account, where she revealed that she was not moving to another company or position, and is instead taking some time away to focus on her "heart/immune issues & getting better."

Felling joined the LCS as their new commissioner back in February 2022, taking over the role from Chris Greeley. Before joining the LCS, Felling had experience in the Call of Duty league and also worked as a game producer and global esports head for Gears of War and was once the product lead for Overwatch.

She added that it has been her "honour to be a part of this incredible community of players, teams, talent, staff, and fans," and that she truly believes in the "CS/NACL teams & in the new LCS product."

"I am really proud of what we have accomplished this last year and that we have been able to persevere together throughout adversity & challenging situations," said Felling.

"While there is so more that I had hoped to accomplish, I am proud of where we have landed with the product. We set out to invigorate the LCS with a player-focused, entertaining and authentic community broadcast that allowed our talent to be the best they can be, and showcased the best personalities and content we have to offer."

While Felling's 14-month tenure failed to address the LCS's falling viewership numbers, many of the changes under her leadership proved popular with fans. The LCS' player-focused approach under Felling proved particularly popular, with players making weekly appearances at the caster’s desk alongside League of Legends streamers and community members.

"I have also really loved being a part of this community," added Felling. "No matter whether the feedback was positive or critical, I know it has all come from a place of passion. It’s been amazing being able to incorporate community feedback, setting up our Discord community, & infusing suggestions into the LCS and I hope that came across.

"I hope you know I am genuinely so sorry to leave, but I need to focus on getting better, and I am going to be cheering on the LCS as a fan from the sidelines. I really love the LCS, and it feels good to leave the LCS in good hands with people that love it too. I am excited for the future, and I can’t wait for you guys to see what we have planned for summer & next year."

Felling's departure comes at a difficult time for the LCS, whose recent low viewership numbers have come alongside several high-profile organisations pulling out of the league. Long-standing LCS member Counter Logic Gaming was recently acquired by NRG, while TSM is reportedly considering pulling out of the LCS.

All eyes will be on Felling's successor to see if they will carry on some of her successes - and if they can address the problems that continue to plague the LCS. Whatever happens, you'll be able to follow along via our upcoming League of Legends match schedule. And to make the most of your League of Legends betting experience, why not sign up to claim your free 100% bonus?